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2015 European Championships - The Schedule

by Stefan de Walf, EC2015 Orga Team

14th April 2015

Join us on the weekend of July, 18th and 19th for a series of exciting events. Every day features excitement for both editions as well as an easily accessible game for all participants in the evening.

Saturday, 18.07.2015
10:30 - Second Edition - 2015 European Continental Championships Day 1 [Standard Constructed]
12:00 - First Edition - Block Constructed
19:00 - Second Edition - 2015 European Continental Championships Day 2 [Standard Constructed]
19:00 - First Edition - Voyager Warp Speed Sealed with added Boosters

Sunday, 19.07.2015
10:30 - First Edition - 2015 European Continental Championships Day 1 [OTF Complete Constructed]
10:30 - Second Edition - Virtual Constructed
14:30 - Second Edition - Traditional Constructed
18:30 - First Edition - 2015 European Continental Championships Day 2 [OTF Complete Constructed]
18:30 - Tribbles - 2015 European Continental Championships [Standard Constructed]

Decklists are required for all Continental Championship events (printed in bold in the schedule) and decks may not be changed between rounds. However, players may change decks from Day 1 to Day 2.

For those that just want to try out Tribbles or want to attend the Tribbles tournament on Sunday, some spare decks will be provided.

Entry Fee
The entry fee is €10 per day and covers the participation fee and prize support for all events except the warp speed tournament on Saturday.
The entry fee for the warp speed tournament is €10 which covers the cost for the sealed product and the price support.

Hacker-Pschorr Bräuhaus
Theresienhöhe 7
80339 Munich,

This is a large restaurant in central Munich, where we two private room reserved all weekend. There will be food and drink service. Please note, while we do not need to pay rent for the room (hence the low entry fee), the room is part of the restaurant. Therefore, outside food and drinks will not be tolerated therefore we kindly ask you to purchase your beverages and snacks from the restaurant during the course of the tournament, if necessary.

To and from the venue
Munich has an excellent subway service, if you are using it, exit at "Theresienwiese", which is just one station away from the central train station "Hauptbahnhof", connected with the lines U4 and U5. There are some other stations nearby. You can always use the excellent web page of the Munich  public transportation system ( http://www.mvv-muenchen.de/ ) for more information.

If you are arriving by plane: there is a very reliable train connection (S-Bahn) every 10 Minutes between the airport and the central station (Hauptbahhnhof), which takes 40 Minutes and costs about 10€.

Since the tournament location is very central, the choice of hotels is extensive.
A short survey of booking sites (trivago, booking.com) shows a typical price range of 80-120€ per night for a double room including breakfast in most nearby 3 and 4 star hotels.
Here are a few possible choices with moderate prices and good/excellent ratings close to the tournament location:
Europe Hotel Senator - 3 Stars - double room from 87€/night - 0.3km to tournament location
Hotel Europäischer Hof - 3 Stars - double room from 80€/night - 1.0km to location
Four Points - 4 Stars - double room from 90€/night - 0.2km to location
Ibis München West - 2 Stars - double room from 85€/night - 1.2km to location

Sight seeing / Travel
For those of you interested in seeing more of Munich, the central location of the tournaments is ideal. Most of the tourist spots are within 1-3 subway stations. Naturally, Munich is also a nice place to bring the family.

If you're in Munich for the first time, make sure to visit
- Hofbräuhaus
- Kaufinger Street and Marienplatz (famous for shopping)
Subway Station: Marienplatz
- At least one of the many museums

Possible 1-day trips could include (1-2 hours travel time max.):
- A visit to famous castle Neuschwanstein (reservation required)
- A day of relaxing in the famous thermal water spa Erding
- A hiking trip to Lenggries

If you need help organizing your trip or would like to know about travel options before or after the weekend, pm Peter (martok88) , Stefan (Mogh Son of Worf), or Thomas (thsch), send an email to EuropeanOP@trekcc.org, or make a post in the forum!

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