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May 2015 DeckPADD Update

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

5th May 2015

Jared Hoffman's DeckPADD has been updated to version 2.1.3, now with all cards up to and including the recently released virtual expansion Strange Bedfellows. In addition, a number of card corrections have been made and the new keywords introduced will also appear in the application. DeckPADD was created by Jared Hoffman (Mugato) as a fast, easy way to build decks and print out paper proxy cards. DeckPADD quickly became a popular program, and has been regularly updated and maintained since. The Continuing Committee is proud to continue the hosting of and updates to this outstanding tool. DeckPADD is only available for Windows.

If you already have DeckPADD, then simply download the 2.1.3 Update file and unzip its contents into your DeckPADD directory. If you want to try DeckPADD for the first time, first download the 2.1 Master File, unzip it to your computer, and then download and unzip the update to the same location.

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