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Don't Let It End This Way

by Matthew Zinno, Staff Writer

27th May 2015

As Chancellor Gorkon lay dying, he implored Kirk to not let the peace process die. 

As Decipher prepared their third Second Edition set, they created a zero-cost dilemma to turn an earlier stop into a kill.

As the Continuing Committee prepared Homefront VI, they wanted a dilemma with some teeth.

Don't Let It End This Way

Our third card this week is Don't Let It End This Way, a conversion from Call to Arms.  The original version targeted one stopped person on the attempting ship, and killed them.  This version, now on a fashionable 1E template, goes farther.  One kill is generally not enough to warrant inclusion in a 1E deck, where you are only allotted a certain number of dilemmas.  There are far more powerful alternatives to include instead ... as evidenced by the fact that no-one uses the pre-conversion Don't Let It End This Way, according to recently posted 1E decks.  So how about multiple kills?  Half of the people who have been stopped?  Will that be enough to stock this? 

The conversion also expands the available targets ... it used to be limited to only stopped personnel on the ship, now it might hit any of your stopped personnel at the entire location.  If you have crew on other ships at the same mission, or even personnel at an outpost or a Nor there ... if they're stopped, they are available to be killed by this dilemma.  (Cloaked ships are safe, because they're not "there".)

At least you get to choose who dies, from those stopped targets. You may have people on the attempting ship, stopped by earlier dilemmas ... and a different ship here stopped by a battle ... and someone on your outpost stopped by Café Des Artistes, or by Critical Assistance.  You total up the number of your stopped people anywhere at this location, cut the number in half, and choose which of them die.  (No randomness, which would involve shuffling and then putting the survivors back where they each belong.) 

Then, after the kills – there is still a skill requirement to get past!  If you fail, you're going to be subject to those kills again when you re-encounter the dilemma! 

Some cards to try combining this with:

I guess that one consolation for the possibility of facing this dilemma is that it's only in space.  Although ... one might wonder if there's a [P] equivalent in this set.  Hm, was anyone else in Star Trek ever shot in the chest?

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