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Homefront: We Remember Your Refill!

by Allen Gould, Guest Writer

28th May 2015

I want to talk to you today about restaurants.

There's a lot of reasons to pick out a restaurant. Maybe it's the trendy place to go. Maybe you're a regular and they start making your favorite dish the moment they see you walk in the door. Maybe they just make a particular dish just the way you like it.

On the other hand, there are a lot of details of the dining experience that you don't really notice until they go wrong. Enough place settings at the table. Spots on the cutlery. Slow service. If they remember to fill up the water glasses. These are the sorts of things that, if done right, you never notice or care about; but when done wrong or missing, you can't help but notice the omission. No-one ever recommends a restaurant by saying, 'there's always a plate there!', but you remember the places where you couldn't get a glass of water - you notice when it's not there.

Dominion Outpost

Today, I am here to tell you that basic affiliation outposts are the water glasses of Block. They're always needed, and you'd notice right away if they were missing - but they're not the house special, if you catch my meaning. So why not put all the basic outposts in Homefront, where they're always available whenever that affiliation needs it? They can protect and repair ships (something the Headquarters can't do), and give affiliations a useful second facility besides.

This started off easy enough - Bajoran, Cardassian, Federation, Ferengi, Klingon, and Romulan all have plain old boring outposts in the Alpha Quadrant. The Delta Quadrant folks have slightly fancier outposts - easier building restrictions and a special download, but nothing that caused worry that the designers of the future would regret them being there (especially since we didn't put in the downloadable cards - Future Designers can decide if Vidiians need the Sodality when the time comes, for instance). The Mirror Quadrant is a bit weirder, since their "affiliations" are Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and Terran Empire

What caused us pause was when we got to the Gamma Quadrant. The Dominion don't have a "Dominion Outpost". They have a Primary Supply Depot and a Remote Supply Depot. The Primary is historically the closest thing to a "default outpost" they have (and the early drafts of Homefron VI had PSD in the file), but being able to seed equipment is a bit more powerful than we were comfortable with, and they don't repair ships. None of the Dominion outposts fill the role of the "generic affiliation outpost".

So we made one. Meet the Dominion Outpost.

The text and stats shouldn't shock anyone - it's the standard boilerplate for affiliation outposts. I could try and talk it up (SHIELDS 30! Repairs ships! Brig sold separately!) but let's be honest - it's an affiliation outpost. They seed or play, your personnel report there and they repair your ships. And now every set gets to have a couple more awesome cards, because they don't need to re-print these!

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