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Mid-Year Promos Delayed

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

31st May 2015

The Continuing Committee is always striving to listen to and address the concerns of the community. One common complaint has been the irregular availability of the current series of tournament kits. Series I for First Edition includes cards like Kukalaka, Kivas Fajo - Collector, and The Art of Diplomacy. Similarly, Second Edition's Series XIII include Moral Choice, Rescue Captives, and Leonard H. McCoy (Remarkable Man). Some groups and their tournament directors have had difficulty requisitioning the kits including these promos, while others have no difficulty. We are aware that some have been frustrated, and we apologize for the delays as the warehouse and our staff of volunteers adapt to the new production systems.

After taking a poll of the First Edition and Second Edition players, it is clear there is a demand for these current sets of promos to remain available past the end of June, when they would normally be schedule to rotate out. Therefore, we have decided to extend the current series of promos - Series I and Series XIII - until at least the end of September 2015. The current tournament kits will continue to include cards from Series I and Series XIII for the next three months, as we continue to improve our production process. This means that there will not be new promos released in July 2015, although all cards currently set to be printable will be made available.

We will order a significantly higher amount of promos for our next production sessions in the hopes we can provide sufficient quantity for those that wish them. However, we must remind everyone that while we strive to provide tournament kits, we are not in the business of producing cards. There is an upper limit to what we can produce, and while we are continuing to explore options for improving that limit, it does exist. Your continued patience is appreciated.

Your feedback has been and will remain vital to our decision making regarding promos, so please continue to sound off about your thoughts, wishes and needs with regards to tournament promos. We will also be monitoring supply and demand over the next few months to determine if we need to extend the promos further.

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