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The Watchlist

by Cristoffer Wiker, First Edition Brand Manager

19th June 2015


The errata process has up until now been a very opaque business, we'd like to change that. With the addition of The Watch List we want to make it so that players have a better knowledge on what is being looked at and what might need a tweak in the future.

Second Edition have had a similar list since April 2014 and based on their experience with it, it was time for First Edition to go the same route.

The list will function as a notification board for any cards that are currently working outside their designed parameters. Cards on the list should not be seen as something that will receive an Errata or Ban, but rather what is currently causing trouble in the meta. The list will spell out why each card is on the list and when it was added. Any card not receiving any Errata (or getting Banned) after 6 months will be removed from the Watch list.

So what cards go on the Watch list? All teams within the Continuing Committee have a stake in having a game that works well and gives all players a fun experience. Anyone can contact the Errata team with suggestions on cards that need to be on the list for one or the other reasons. The Errata team is responsible for what goes on the list as they too are the ones deciding if a card will need to receive errata, if it is deemed to be too far off course from the original trajectory.

Follow the link to the list to see what currently is on the Errata team's radar.

Find the Watchlist here!

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