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Spotlight Contest Results: The Voyager Code

by Charlie Plaine, Chancellor

23rd June 2008

Thanks again to community member phoenixhawk provided this fun contest.

Congrats go out to Thomas Vorwerk and Rem Boon, who have won this week's Tragic Turn foils! Special thanks to everyone that entered - keep it up, there still plenty more contests to come!

Here are the solutions to the puzzle:

1. Captain Janeway’s Mission Log: “Pulled us away…Ocampa…”
Caretaker's Wave – 14C2

2. Sickbay log: “Patient’s organs show…disease…”
The Phage – 14R18

3. Chief Engineer’s Personal Log: “It was really weird…myself…”
Toe to Toe – 14C19

4. First Officer’s Report: “Life forms thought we were…sexual attraction…”
Aggressive Behavior – 1R2

5. Captain Janeway’s notes: “Tuvok tried to help…Betazoid…”
Justice or Vengeance – 3S16

6. Captain Janeway’s Personal Log: “Strange readings…met myself…”
Face to Face – 2R9

7. Harry Kim’s Personal Log: “Tried to scare me…”
The Clown: Bitter Medicine - 5P2

8. Captain Janeway’s Mission Log: “Path through space…rules…”
B'omar Stipulations - 4C5

9. Seven of Nine’s Personal Efficiency Report: “Felt his hands…throat…”
Impressive Trophies - 1R30

10. Captain Janeway’s Mission Log: “Holodeck technology…many deaths…”
Training Accident - 2R26

The Long Journey Home -10R36

We hope you're enjoying these contests! Check back each week for more and more of them! There are still a lot more Tragic Turn foils to give away!

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