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2015 World Championships - Schedule

by Steve Hartmann, Australian OP Coordinator

1st July 2015

We have a schedule!

In case you missed the original announcement, let's quickly recap on the venue details for the 2015 World Championships week in Sydney this September...


The Tables

Parramatta RSL Club (Main Venue)
Corner Macquarie and O'Connell Streets
Parramatta, NSW 2150

Maloney's Hotel logo

Maloney's Hotel (Trek in the Pub Venue)
81 Goulburn Street (corner Pitt St)
Sydney NSW 2000


Wednesday 23rd September - Sunday 27th September


SCHEDULE (World Championships events are in bold)

Note that the schedule may change based on attendance at World Championship events and/or player preference for side events.

Please let us know what you think, so changes can be considered well in advance.

Please pre-register for the events you plan to attend.


Wednesday 23rd September

•10am-5pm - Second Edition - 2E Premiere Sealed

•10am-5pm - First Edition - 1E OTSD Sealed

•6pm-Midnight - Second Edition - Trek in the Pub (2E Constructed "Cool" Tournament at Maloney's Hotel)


Thursday 24th September

•10am-9pm - First Edition - World Championships Day 1

•10am-3pm - Second Edition - TBC (Traditional Constructed)

•3pm-8pm - Second Edition - TBC (Academy Constructed)

•8pm-9pm - Tribbles - Constructed


Friday 25th September

•9am-4pm - First Edition - World Championships Day 2 (Top 8)

•Midday-8pm - Second Edition - Cube Draft

•4pm-10pm - First Edition - TBC (Block Constructed)

•8pm-9pm - Tribbles - Constructed


Saturday 26th September

•9am-9pm - Second Edition - World Championships Day 1

•9pm-10pm - Tribbles - Constructed


Sunday 27th September

•9am-4pm - Second Edition - World Championships Day 2 (Top 16)

•11am-4pm - Second Edition - TBC (Virtual Constructed)

•Midday-4pm - First Edition - Sealed Warpspeed

•4pm-6pm - Tribbles - World Championships

•7pm-8pm - Prize Ceremony


We have access to the rooms until midnight Friday and Saturday night. Once official events are complete, players are invited to hang around to play Star Trek Attack Wing (bring your own, or play with ships available on the day), board games or other social games.

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