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Spotlight Contest Results: Name That Card

by Charlie Plaine, Chancellor

23rd June 2008

Apparently, most of you are far more clever than I. I thought I had done such a good job of finding ten episodes where there was only one Non-Aligned 2E personnel - but I was wrong. Quite wrong! You guys are very, very smart and you really, really know your trek!

This week's winners are Al Schaefer and Andrew M Alcock - you will both be getting your very own Tragic Turn foil for demonstrating how well you know the Trek universe! Congratulations!

How well did you do?

1. DS9's "Blood Oath"
The Albino, Killer of Children

2. VOY's "Year of Hell"
Annorax, Temporal Architect

3. ENT's "Borderland"
Arik Soong, Father of Many or Malik, Devious Augment or Raakin, Dominant Augment or Persis, Loyal Daughter

4. TNG's "Force of Nature"
Serova, Warp Field Specialist

5. TOS's "Journey to Babel"
Gav, Diplomat

6. TNG's "Remember Me"
The Traveler, Transcendent Explorer

7. DS9's "Captive Pursuit"
Tosk, The Hunted

8. TOS's "The Menagerie"
Vina, Orion Slave Girl

9. Star Trek Nemesis
B4, Dangerous Simpleton

10. ENT's "Storm Front Part II"
Vosk, Temporal Fanatic

We hope you're enjoying these contests! Check back each week for more and more of them! There are still a lot more Tragic Turn foils to give away!

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