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OP Interim Ruling: Addition of New Tribbles with Troubles Tournament Ruleset

by Matthyas Kiraly, Director of Organized Play

20th July 2015

This is an OP interim ruling in accordance with Section 14.3 of the Organized Play Guide, pending addition and modification to the current Organized Play Guide (Version 4.2) to accommodate for the following ruling.

The following rule will be added to Section 4.3 - Rules:

...With Troubles
May be used for Tribbles events only.

...With Troubles adds a single fixed deck of Troubles cards (Trouble Pile) to each pod of players.

Required documents: Tribbles Rulebook, Tribbles Royale coverpage - Tribbles with Troubles Rules Supplement

To be clear on the difference, ...with Troubles plays with the same rules as Standard, simply with the addition of the Troubles pile and associated rules supplement on how to use the pile.

Additionally, Trouble Piles are considered tournament resources and NOT part of a player's deck (hence they are not to be listed as part of a player's decklist). It is recommended, however, that players print out and carry the fixed set of Troubles cards whenever attending a ...with Troubles tournament.

Tribbles CCG Tournament Directors: Particularly in the early days after the release of these new Troubles cards, it is highly recommended that you print out and carry Troubles piles with you to your ...with Troubles tournaments.

This interim ruling applies until this is integrated into the next revision of the OPG. It is subject to change, and potentially additional OPG entries as necessary, in the final version, with full details to be documented in the announcement article for the updated OPG.

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