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Parek Foil Promotion

by Charlie Plaine, Chancellor

5th July 2008

The Continuing Committee was able to obtain a small quantity of Parek foils for use as prizes, and we decided to first offer this foil as the Regional Participation prize for the 2008 Regional Season. But we realized that not every player that might want a Parek foil would be able to get one, so we held back several hundred of these foils to distribute later. Well, now it's later and it's time to get rid of these foils!

There are three ways that you can get a Parek foil of your very own:

1. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to The Continuing Committee.
2. Send an IRC (International Reply Coupon) to The Continuing Committee.
3. Donate $1 via Paypal, then send your receipt to The Continuing Committee.

Requests for Parek foils will be honored on a first come, first serve basis. For two weeks, only requests for foils from players that have not played in a Regional tournament will be filled. After that, requests from players with a valid tournament profile will be honored for one month. At that time, all remaining requests (including requests for additional foils) will be filled until all of the foils are sent.

To request a Parek foil, send either a self-addressed, stamped envelope, an IRC, or a PayPal receipt for $1 or more to:

Parek Foil Promotion
The Continuing Committee
2875 Scotch Pine Ct.
Columbus, OH 43231

Terms and Conditions
You must also include a note with the following information: your full name, your tournament profile username (if you have one), your email address, and your mailing address (if you did not include a SASE). You must send a separate SASE, IRC or receipt for each foil you are requesting (limit 3). Any requests received after September 30th, 2008 will not be honored. As long as we have Parek foils, we will continue to fill your requests.

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