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Second Edition July Errata

by Nicholas Yankovec, Second Edition Brand Manager

20th July 2015

As of today, five cards have received errata.

Two of these cards, received errata previously, and I was awaiting the next set of errata befire having the art files updated.

Indecent Proposal

The design intent was for this dilemma to return only if a 5 (or higher) cost personnel was stopped.


The design intent was that this hand weapon should be present during combat to activate the game text.

The next three cards are the Orion Slave Girls. At last! I believe this was a change a long time in coming.

D'Nesh, Manipulative Gift


Navaar, Experienced Gift

The three Orion girls' abilities now only work with Thieves (including each other), and additionally D'Nesh and Navaar only give those Thieves abilities and skills up to the end of the mission attempt rather than the turn.

Go discuss this errata now! And don't forget to remove Navaar from your random Romulan or Voyager decks before the North American Continentals!

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