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Watch the Tribble, Not the Girl

by Torbjörn Lindquist, Ambassador

21st July 2015

One thing that can be very annoying when playing Tribbles is your opponent playing the same denominations over and over, using abilities like Go, Replay, and Rescue. You will therefore often not be able to play your cards, because you quickly run out of that 1,000, or whatever denomination you land on each turn. While Dabo isn't the magic bullet against that kind of deck, it is a nice counterweight that makes it possible to get a few extra 100k tribbles into your play pile.

100,000 Tribbles - Dabo

One problem with how Dabo works, is the wording on Go. While Dabo says it triggers on activating multiple keywords on the same turn, the game text on Go is: 'take another turn'. Because rewording the Go power would technically involve errata, it's not an issue that can be easily solved. However, it's clear that the intent of Go is identical to similar cards such as Replay and Rescue - that you continue your current turn, not end it and start another.

Thus, until such time as we can decide on a permanent solution, a player that plays Go followed by another activated tribble will trigger Dabo. Go does not create a new turn, but rather extends a player's current turn, regardless of what it actually says on the card.

A good use of Dabo is when you want to skew your deck towards a high percentage of 100k tribbles and still have a good chance of going out. One deck type that wants to have a high percentage of 100k tribbles is battle decks. 

When I build battle decks, I want to be able to win most of my battles, and therefore I have alot of 100ks in them. Because of this, I also like to put other cards into the deck that can get 100ks into my play pile. One such ability I like is Qapla', another is Party. Even though all players get a card into play pile, you have a higher chance to get a big one into yours than your opponent. The big amount of 100k tribbles usually means your opponents will target you with their utilize and poison, and to counter this a few Tally and Antidote tribbles in the deck is great. This deck type will probably not go out every round, but it should be enough to win after going out once.

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Draw Deck (58)
39V4x 1 Tribble - Go
75V2x 1 Tribble - Party
3V4x 1 Tribble - Replay
22V7x 10 Tribbles - Battle
5V1x 10 Tribbles - Cycle
76V2x 10 Tribbles - Exchange
4VT6x 100 Tribbles - Battle
80V3x 100 Tribbles - Qapla'
64V5x 1,000 Tribbles - Masaka
83V2x 1,000 Tribbles - Qapla'
86V2x 10,000 Tribbles - Cycle
31V4x 10,000 Tribbles - Go
16V2x 100,000 Tribbles - Antidote
8VT5x 100,000 Tribbles - Clone
98V3x 100,000 Tribbles - Dabo
7VT3x 100,000 Tribbles - Rescue
36V3x 100,000 Tribbles - Tally
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