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A Piece of the Action

by Matthew Zinno, Staff Writer

23rd July 2015


100,000 Tribbles - Fizzbin You like to have fun playing the Star Trek card game, Tribbles. On Beta Antares IV, they play a real game. The name of the game is ... Fizzbin! There's just a single card, at denomination 100,000, featuring an image of Captain Kirk in his Chicagoland mobster outfit (and visible accent). The tribble icon itself is even wearing pinstripes!

Its text is simple:

This tribble can not leave your play pile unless you go out.

Now, there are still only two ways for a card to try to leave your play pile. The first one is Kill. Someone playing a Kill tribble can't target this one (or to be more precise, they can, it just has no effect.)  

More interesting is Fizzbin's interaction with Mutate. Mutate counts the number of cards in your play pile, then takes everything out of your play pile, shuffles the removed cards into your deck, and deals out the number you counted in the first step. But the Fizzbin doesn't get removed. It still gets counted, though. Suppose you play Mutate when your play pile already contains a Fizzbin and two other cards. You count the cards (4), then take everything out of the play pile -- except the Fizzbin, since it can't leave -- and then deal out 4 cards again. So you end up with five in the play pile, one of which is the Fizzbin. Keep doing this, and they'll just accumulate there, giving a large score if you manage to go out. I can certainly imagine a deck using lots of Mutate and Fizzbin for a high-value play pile.  

... At Manheim's Lab There's not even much need to watch out for Troubles. Several Trouble cards prevent activating certain powers, like Battle or Utilize. But none of them specifically prevent activating Mutate. There's one trouble that might even help, if it happens to be the active trouble: ... at Manheim's Lab.  

At the start of each player’s turn, every player puts the top card of their deck beneath their play pile.

When this is in play, you will be putting a card into your play pile on everyone's turn. That's a big boost for decks based on high-point cards, like Mutate/Fizzbin and Battle, and less good for powers that really want to be activated (like Discard ... getting one of those in without getting to activate it only makes you more vulnerable to Toxin). You might want to stock plenty of the new Shift power (another great Kirk image), to cycle through the Troubles deck to get to this one.  

Of course, the cards on Beta Antares IV are different, but not too different.



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