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Don't Trust Everyone in the Mirror Universe

by Matthew Zinno, Staff Writer

8th September 2015

The following grid contains spoilers. It also contains lies. In each row and column, two of the claims about what's in the Crossover set are true, and two are false. To help you out, the first one has been done for you as an example.

(Disclaimers: diagonals may or may not be 2/2, and statements about what's in "this set" do not include any Supplemental set that may also be getting released.)

The Crossover set contains ...

Total span of missions < Total RANGE of ships.
FALSE: total span = 34; RANGEs are 7, 8, and 9.
New versions for The Intendant, Regent Worf, and Security Chief Garak A mission in the Sector 001 Region At least three dilemmas boosted by Jonathan Archer
Homeworlds for [MQ] [Kli] and [MQ] [Car] A counter for Outgunned Conversions for exactly two of these: Kira Nerys (Resourceful Prisoner), Benjamin Sisko (Outlaw), Telok (Bodyguard), Leeta (Enticing Rebel) At least 10 cards which are Objectives or which mention "objective"

A new mirror Ferengi
A Smiley with [KCA] An AQ Jennifer Sisko [DL] Crossover: An Invitation
More than half of the missions in this set are MQ Missions with a corresponding AQ location (which might already exist) As of this set, there are more [RC] cards in the game than [WC] cards As of this set, you can have Mr. Sisko, a ship he commands, Professor Sisko, and Smiley, all of the same affiliation ... ... in block.

Puzzle idea by Ross Fertel (Faithful Reader).

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