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Director of Organized Play Applications Now Open

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

22nd July 2015

As previously announced, Matthyas Kiraly (stoovie) will be stepping down later this year as our Director of Organized Play. In order to ensure a smooth transition, we are currently accepting applications for volunteers to take on this position. The Director of Organized Play (DOP) is responsible for overseeing the entire Organized Play department, including supervising all the Continental Coordinators and overseeing planning and execution of all of our high level events.

The ideal candidate for the DOP position meets the following criteria:



In addition, experience planning and running high level events and the ability to travel across the globe are plusses for any candidate.

The Director of Organized Play, working with the Continental Coordinators, is responsible for long-term planning of all major Trek events across the globe, including Regionals, Nationals, Continentals, Worlds and Trek Masters. He or she is also in charge of maintaining the Organized Play Guide and managing the World Championship Trek League. It is our expectation that the Organized Play department will continually improve from year to year, and the DOP is responsible for meeting that expectation.

General participation in online team discussions throughout the year is expected, with participation rates varying, largely dependent on discussions or projects that the Organized Play team may be engaged in at any given time. It is expected that an applicant check internal discussion forums on a regular basis.

In order to apply for this position, candidates must complete this Google application form. Only those candidates that complete the form will be considered. Candidates should submit their applications no later than Saturday, August 7, 2015 to be considered for this position. We will be processing applications as they are received, in order to ensure a timely selection process. Interviews will be carried out in August and early September, with selection, announcement, and training beginning in late September through November, and full transition by the start of the new year.

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