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Ah Crap

by James Cream, Staff Writer

22nd July 2015

1,000 Tribbles - Roll

Today's card reveal is a new utility card that will likely find its way into quite a few standard Tribbles decks. I would definitely put it into anything running the IDIC power, as it would be rather useful to have show up a couple times each tournament. 

Roll joins the ranks of Timewarp and Safety in that it gives the player a slight benefit when it is in the play pile at the end of a round when that player did not go out. The first of these three powers, Safety, allowed a player to shuffle their remaining hand into their deck instead of discarding it. The second, Timewarp, allows the player to draw a 6 card hand at the start of the subsequent round (if they remember by the time shuffling and cutting is complete.) Roll gives the player a redraw (or Mulligan, as it is often called) if their opening hand is undesirable.

I think this power most closely resembles Timewarp in terms of usefulness. It just gives any player who did not go out in one round a slightly better chance of going out in the next. If the player manages to get both of these powers in a play pile and then fails to go out, they can at least start the next round with 6 cards that they like. If they do go out, both will help boost up the value of an IDIC.

It also seems likely that this card could find itself in a more focused build. Any deck which specifically wants to see certain cards in the opening hand might want to keep a roll around to increase the chances of that good opening draw.

Finally, lets talk about that amazing card image! I'm just as confused as Data on how to read a Tribble after its been rolled, but I think he'd be best off to just toss it and see how everyone else responds to the result.



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