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Emergency Errata

by Nicholas Yankovec, Second Edition Brand Manager

24th July 2015

There are two cards receiving errata following the Europeans in Munich last weekend. Mr. Slade built an amazing deck, which won the European Continentals, and he should be applauded for that, some great deck building skills on show. Unfortunately, the deck is very much a negative play experience, and that's not something we want to encourage with Gencon and Worlds coming up.

I would like to stress that this isn't a knee jerk reaction to a powerful deck, but we feel limiting this deck now before the other major tournaments of 2015 is best for the game.

First up is Robin Lefler, Mission Specialist

Her unlimited ability means she can be used to discard your deck without limit. Her gameplay text now reads:

Order - Discard the top card of your deck to beam one of your stopped personnel at this mission. You may do this only once per turn.

We understand that this now makes her ability pretty useless. The Errata Team is looking at this, and have some better ideas of the text, but that has to go through play testing. As such, this errata is only temporary until we find a better solution.

The second card to receive errata is Kira Nerys, First Officer

Another card without limits! And Robin Lefler was from Decipher's first 2E set, while this card is from Decipher's last expansion. With a few card drawing mechanisms available, she can be used to put many high cost personnel into play each turn. To limit this, her gameplay text now reads:

Order - If you command two missions worth 40 or more points, discard four cards from hand to take a [Baj] personnel from your discard pile and place it on your headquarters mission. You may do this only once per turn.

I hope these changes don't have too big an impact on anyone's planned decks for Gencon; but we do feel these had to happen before the North American Continentals begin next week.

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