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The Intendant's Quarters

by Mr. Matthew, Terran Slave 6918-Phi

17th September 2015

The Intendant's Quarters

For those of you that are not familiar with me, I'm the maintenance technician for the VIP and senior staff section of the habitat ring of Mirror Terok Nor. A position which The Intendant appointed me to after I put in a not inconsiderable number of years working under her, doing those menial tasks that she deemed worth doing and doing a bang up job of it too - if I might be slightly less humble than is polite. 

My name is Mr. Matthew AKA Terran Slave 6918-Phi, and I have the pleasure of maintaining The Intendant's Quarters. It's not always an easy task or one that returns much thanks. But I take pride in my work and endeavor to uphold an ideal living environment for my benefactor. I'd like to think that I could remove just about any type of carpet stain, and likely have. 

The Intendant's Quarters are a rather popular stopping in place for new arrivals to the station. Bareil, Ezri, and Mr. Sisko have been known to start their stay at the station in these quarters, as well as many Vulcan slaves (as required by The Intendant's ruling #75238). At least 14 personnel regularly stop in to deliver mission reports to The Intendant, including Security Chief Garak, Mr. Nog, and the acclaimed musician Javek Len.

But the best use of The Intendant's Quarters, and the most frequent use, is for her to wine and dine the closest of her allies. Anybody will do, really, and The Intendant has been known to invite many diverse and famous persons from across the galaxy (though I won't be naming any names here) for a discrete tete-a-tete.

Well, I’d best get back to work if I’m to get this place ready for the soirée tonight. I might just mention that my normal universe counterpart, Niall Matthew, also wrote an article for today, though I wouldn’t recommend actually reading it. It is a bit, shall we say, uncouth. Certainly not the type of thing I’d read myself, but I did promise him I’d link to it here and would feel rather awful if I had failed to.  

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