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October First Edition Errata

by Cristoffer Wiker, First Edition Brand Manager

7th October 2015

As mentioned in the Crossover ("Now Available") release article, some cards which were reprinted in the Crossover: Supplemental expansion have text which has been updated since the original printings of those cards, and thus represent errata. These cards will be added to the errata file in due course. Two of these changes are superficial, one is a slight gameplay change, and one is slightly more significant than that.

MSD 2.0

In accordance with the new convention for mirror-universe mission lore which starts in this set, the MQ missions originally released in Mirror, Mirror have been reprinted without "Mirror Universe" as part of the mission location. The Crossover: Supplemental printings of Disrupt Alliance and Mine Dilithium have this change. (Charlie's article had mistakenly also mentioned Search for Rebels, but it is not part of Crossover: Supplemental, since it's block-legal from Homefront I.)

As discussed in an earlier article, Captain B'Etor has had her property logo changed to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, to make her compatible with Reshape the Quadrant decks.

The final errata is to Multidimensional Transport Device. For reasons of game balance, its effect has been limited to twice each turn, and to the corresponding location only (rather than the entire region). Furthermore, the card now includes the "converted card" icon. This errata/reprint is now also a conversion, of the Second Edition (2E) Multidimensional Transporter Device -- a card with the same image (Editor's Note: eh, close enough), a confusingly similar name, and an effect which is almost useless in First Edition. At some point, the database and the Converted Card List document will be updated with this change.

Until such time as the errata file and the Converted Card List document get updated with these changes, this article will serve as the official ruling from the Continuing Committee.

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