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Are You Collecting the Badges?

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

29th October 2015

Did you know that we've made over a hundred and fifty (150) different collectible metal badges since 2008? These "pins" - called buttons or badges, depending on where you're from - have been in almost all of our tournament kits. We've also created exclusive badges to give away at all of our major championships. If you're not collecting these badges, there's never been a better time to start!

We've just published an updated checklist including every badge we've ever produced - and several that will be coming over the next year. This updated list now includes all of the event-specific buttons that were not on the previous list, and includes all of the buttons produced since and set to be produced in 2016.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of the checklist and start collecting the buttons at your local and regional tournaments. They're included in every tournament kit, and they're more popular than foils in some places. Why not head onto the Trading forums and see if you can trade some of your extras for the ones your missing? Get in on the fun of trading these collectible badges today!

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