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The High Cost of Living

by Ross Fertel, High Cost Staff Writer

9th November 2015

Over a year ago, Balance of Terror released. It featured a more defined DS9 Earth mechanic that included drawbacks that you could build into your decks going for a min-max approach. Since the start of the game, The Next Generation faction has been able to do things that benefit everyone, and that’s the rub. Unless, you build your deck to get more of a benefit than your opponent.

Lwaxana Troi

Take Guinan for example. The Old School version gives everyone five points. Now, I’m not going to complain about getting those points, but if I’m not planning on losing points to pay for a cost, they aren’t too useful. I’m planning on getting a hundred points anyway, so the bonus, while nice, isn’t helpful in the long run.

The latest iteration of Lwaxana Troi has a download of tent poles of the faction, two old and one new. Let’s look at each in its own terms, shall we?

The oldest is Common Ground. Placing someone at your headquarters is nice, but since you are playing it, you can be sure that you have a high cost personnel. It is nicer if your opponent plays a three coster while you get a five plus into play! The faction restriction isn’t too bad when you consider how many high cost TNG personnel there are, especially in the Battleship sub-faction.

Disadvantage into Advantage can benefit both players too and might even change how your opponent will play their cards, but you can stack the deck in your favor, literally, with having a higher ratio of high cost personnel.

New Life is the newest, giving you several card draws. Granted, your opponent will get them too, but you can draw cards during their turn, something very rare and very powerful. It’s even better when you attempt a mission, because then you draw both cards, saving valuable counters which, if you have a lot of high cost personnel, gives you a supplemental draw engine.

High cost TNG personnel. Where have we heard this before? The Battleship team, of course. Here is a basic deck taking advantage of these new toys, making sure you get a bigger bang for it than your opponent. Feel free to reap the rewards.

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

1S161•Earth, Cradle of the Federation
15V23•Aldea, Aid Legendary Civilization
30V31•Sha Ka Ree, Quest for Infinite Knowledge
24V21•Evaluate Soliton Wave
1U206•Wormhole Negotiations

Draw Deck (35)
2R351x Common Ground
6P181x Disadvantage Into Advantage
35V71x •New Life
14R431x •U.S.S. Enterprise-J
0VP851x •U.S.S. Enterprise-J
31V351x •Benjamin Sisko, Acting Head of Starfleet Security
13C591x •Beverly Crusher, Battleship Doctor
7U641x •Daneeka, Reassuring Physician
13C601x •Data, Battleship Officer
1S2621x •Elizabeth Shelby, Formidable Presence
17V601x •Geordi La Forge, Battleship Engineer
4R1381x •Guinan, Listener
5P281x •James T. Kirk, Living Legend
13C641x •Jean-Luc Picard, Battleship Captain
14U811x •Katherine Pulaski, Chief Medical Officer
2C1261x •Kelly, Relief Tactical Officer
1R2751x •Luther Sloan, Man of Secrets
35V251x •Lwaxana Troi, Psychic Tutor
1C2811x Rixx
11P181x •Spock, Trainee Instructor
28V381x •Tasha Yar, Requesting a Transfer
13C821x •Wesley Crusher, Battleship Helmsman
13C831x •William T. Riker, Battleship First Officer
1S2901x •Worf, Security Detail Leader
15V391x •Annorax, Temporal Architect
12C1001x •Gav, Diplomat
13C941x •Julian Bashir, Rebel Captain
4R1611x •Lore, The One
17V741x •Syrran, Desert Wind
17V751x •T'Les, Syrrannite
17V761x •T'Pau, Syrrannite
14R1031x •Tallera, Covert Isolationist
0P191x •U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Explorer
1C3941x U.S.S. Galaxy
1U3961x U.S.S. Sovereign
Dilemma Pile (26)
26V21x Conflict of Interests
34V31x Dead Ringer
32V11x Friendly Fire
33V31x Indecent Proposal
25V11x Infatuation
26V41x Intimidation
30V91x Rejecting the Past
27V31x Shared Hallucination
13R201x The Dal'Rok
25V51x The Next Phase
31V121x Unconventional Consideration
29V161x War Games
34V11x A Taste of Armageddon
26V31x Eugenic Transformation
31V51x Flare of Rage
30V51x Legal Inflexibility
17V81x Miner Revolt
28V41x Pivotal Destiny
16V111x Savagery to Match Their Numbers
28V11x Adversarial Trial
27V11x Ardent Predator
29V31x Cadet Review
31V61x Frozen by Fear
34V82x Simulated Prey
25V41x The Big Goodbye

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