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Now Hiring: Director of Public Relations

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

2nd November 2015

The Continuing Committee is reviving the position of Director of Public Relations, and is looking for a passionate and dedicated volunteer to assume this role within The Continuing Committee. Interested candidates should visit the volunteer page for details on how to apply.

The Director of Public Relations will oversee the soon-to-be reformed Department of Public Relations. This department will be responsible for communication between The Continuing Committee and the public via social media, the website, and more. In addition, this department will be responsible for promoting the community of players outside organized play. This may include contests, casual play programs, and more.

Interested candidates should be willing to dedicate a few hours per week to the position, and be dedicated to ensuring the game remains strong, healthy, and the community remains engaged. We will be reviewing applications throughout November 2015, scheduling interviews during December 2015, and hope to have someone selected for the position by mid-January 2016.

To apply, please visit the volunteer page. Questions can be directed to Charlie Plaine, a.k.a. MidnightLich, via PM or via email to cplaine AT gmail DOT com.

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