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Rulebook Version 3 & July CRD Posted

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

7th July 2008

One of the first ideas that was put forth when The Continuing Committee was formed was to do a revision of the rulebook for Second Edition. After all, the last version of the rulebook was released in September of 2003.

Thanks to the hard work of Head Judge Michael Keller, the Version 3 Rulebook is now available for download from the front page. In addition, the July 2008 CRD is also available. One of the things you will notice is that all card specific information (clarifications and erratum) are no longer in the rulebook and only appear in the CRD. This is done intentionally to keep the rulebook simple and provide a single document for all card rulings and erratum (the CRD).

We look forward to your feedback!

Updated @ 8:45 AM: The CRD now properly includes the erratum to the promo version of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? We apologize for the error.

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