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Chase those Cans at the 2015 Australian Nationals this December!

by Matthyas Kiraly, Ambassador to Deep Space Station K-7

25th November 2015

Get ready to show some Peldor Gratitude at the 2015 Australian National Championships for Second Edition!

In celebration of the Peldor Gratitude Festival this December, we are running the Nationals for Second Edition as a Chase the Can event! This means, the event is run as normal, except when you win a game, your opponent must give you one of his or her cans.


What to Bring?
Five (5) cans. The value we're looking at is around $1 or more per can, and remember, at the end of the tournament, all cans will be going to our chosen charity, Food Bank WA.

Travelling to Perth?
If I know you are coming from outside WA, I will have cans available at the tournament, so you don't have to worry about rushing off to the store upon your arrival.

Perth Player?
Get your own damn cans, you lazy Targ.

Damn straight there are prizes. The person with the greatest number of cans will win a collection of Star Trek DVDs and/or Blurays, Decipher foils, most likely the 2015 Australian Nationals title as well, PLUS will also feature in a photo with me and all your cans, to be featured on the Continuing Committee's website!

How Cool Is That?
It's score 5 points cool, that's how cool.

Don't forget, being at Australian Nationals, it will have all the usual trappings, like prize binders, an assortment of prizes for all, as well as the best thing about Star Trek CCG: a bloody great time with friends!

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