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Peldor Joi, Upcoming Events, Week 4

by Andrea Heywood-Lobban, Tribbles Art Manager

23rd December 2015

Week Four of the Peldor Gratitude Festival is upon us! Peldor Joi! There are several new events added! You can still run your event as Peldor! A reminder that we have multiple threads open discussing different events. Check the forums for more details and for ongoing updates.

Upcoming Events:

December 21, 2015

‘Peldor Joi! Bring cans (entry fee: bring at least one can), and spend them during your games to Bend the Rules. Spent cans will be donated afterwards to a local food bank.’


December 22, 2015

‘Episode 5 for our 2015-2016 Star Trek League! We continue our Return to Farpoint series and so sets 1-10 (plus the 10th Anniversary Collection) are legal for construction!

All Donations to be made to Hickory Grove Baptist Church Food Panty.


‘Episode 6 for our 2015-2016 Star Trek league!’

All Donations to be made to Hickory Grove Baptist Church Food Panty.


December 23, 2015

Wednesday Night Tribbles, Peldor Style! This is now a Peldor 'Bend the Rules' tournament. This is an online tournament. So the rules will for 'bending' the rules will be one of three options:

One: you have a stack of cans that you donate at the end of the event to your local food bank drop box. I know my market has one out year round, and most do this time of year.

Two: You make an online donation to the TCC for Peldor. This is a $1.00 per 1 Can ratio. This donation will go to a charity TBD.

Three: You can play and not donate or bend the rules. Just know your opponents may be bending the rules to their advantage.

Please have Lackey and your Skype updated and ready to go. We meet in the chat room around 9 and start as promptly as possible at 9:15.


December 27, 2015

Please contact Oleg Ryshikov for more information.


Single day online tournament bending the rules for Peldor Joy. Every rule bending costs 1 EURO (or corresponding value in your currency) to be donated to a charity of choice afterwards.

The tournament will mostly cater to the European time zone since at the moment there are four participants from UK/Germany. Should someone from across the pond choose to participate we can try to move the schedule a bit.


Peldor event for Vancouver area, Bend the Rules variant, for the special achievements!, entry fee is 5 nonperishable food items, ('cans'), that will go to a local food bank, as well as players are encouraged to bring additional items to activate bend the rules options.

It will follow a chase the can format and the player with the most cans at the end will be crowed the charitable winner and receive a special prize.


January 2, 2015

'This year's gig will take place on Saturday 1/2/16, and in honor of it being our tenth year, we will be returning to where it all began by hosting this event at Outpost 2000 & Beyond in Coon Rapids. As usual, registration will start at 11:30 a.m. and following pod assignments, we will begin drafting at high noon. Each entrant will be given a randomly assigned starter deck and several randomly assigned packs to draft from, with no restrictions on who can be played to the HQ(s). The tournament entrance fee is $20, however it is a recommended donation, not a hard requirement, so anything that can be spared will gladly be accepted. All proceeds from entrance fees and end of day auction sales will once again benefit In the Spirit Prison Ministries, as we once again attempt to raise enough money to sponsor a family in the Philippines for an entire year over the course of one day of gaming amongst friends.

Lastly but not leastly, in tandem with the Continuing Committee's Peldor Joi celebration, please consider bringing a food shelf donation to support the Twin Cities area Second Harvest Heartland charities. For this event only, canned goods can be treated as currency for the above mentioned "pick your poison" pairings, and will also be considered for preference regarding the "To Be the Man... You Gotta Beat The Man" challenge(s). So, with that all said, bring your wallet, your canned goods, and your A-Game as we once again ring in the New Year for charity in a few short weeks!'


January 3, 2016

This is an online monthly tournament, starting January 3, 2016 and asking or charitable donations as entry fees. The suggested amount is $3-5. There is no ‘can’ variant as this is an online tournament. However please donate through the CC Promenade and contact MidnightLich to make sure this donation makes it to our TBD Charity!

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