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Raffle News & Announcements

by Dan Hamman, Shipping Manager

18th January 2016


Did you know that the Continuing Committee hosts a quarterly raffle? Since 2013, we've given away over four-hundred prizes to members of the community, and will continue to do so through 2016 or beyond. Our prizes include buttons, virtual foils, premium memberships, packs, cards, and very rare foils from Decipher. On Saturday, January 16th, we drew winners for the 2015 4th Quarter Raffle, where twenty-one people won prizes, all for just participating in the TrekCC community! If you'd like to watch the drawing for this raffle (or any of our previous raffles), they are all available on our YouTube channel.

All of our quarterly raffles are done "teacup style," which means that you can put the tickets you've earned in the bins for prizes you value. If you're only interested in First Edition cards, you can ignore all the other prizes and focus your tickets there. This style of raffle allows everyone to customize their experience and maximize their odds.

Raffle tickets can be earned in a number of ways. If you win a sanctioned First Edition or Second Edition tournament, you'll earn a raffle ticket. If the tournament is larger than four players, we award tickets to some of the other participants, and the bigger the tournament (i.e. the more players there are), the more tickets are awarded. If you're the tournament director and you sit out the tournament, you earn a ticket. You can also earn tickets by adding your decklist to the tournament results within a week of the tournament. Finally, you are awarded tickets for subscribing to a premium membership via The Promenade.

Of course, we sometimes award extra raffle tickets as an incentive. Recently we conducted a lengthy survey prior to the 2015 Period of Review, and every user that completed that survey will be awarded three raffle tickets as thanks for your time. These should be showing up in your accounts very soon! In addition, we drew five random names from users that completed the survey, and will be awarding each of those users ten tickets! Congrats to our winners:

One announcement we're happy to make is some great news for our Tribble players. After consideration and public feedback, we've decided to adopt a plan that will allow us to award raffle tickets to eligible Tribbles events. They will work a little differently than they do for 1E and 2E events, but will ensure everyone that plays any of our games gets a chance to enter the raffle each quarter. Stay tuned for more details on this!

Finally, we're happy to announce the date of the 2016 First Quarter Raffle will be Saturday, April 9 at 10 AM Pacific. As always, this raffle will be broadcast live on Google Hangouts and there will be prizes awarded to anyone in the chatroom during the draw. The bins for the raffle are already open, and will remain open until March 31st.

Congrats to all of our winners from this past raffle, and good luck to everyone earning and entering tickets in the next raffle!

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