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Get Back to Where It All Started

by Matthew Zinno, Staff Writer

17th March 2016

Research Historic Accident

The general theme of Through the Looking Glass is the [OS]-era Mirror Universe, and thankfully the set has several cards which specifically interact with the moment which started it all.  Let's start where the episode did, with the Enterprise at the Halkan Planet to negotiate for dilithium.  The Mirror Quadrant version of this planet was printed in the original Mirror, Mirror set, and now we finally have an Alpha Quadrant version, Research Historic Accident.  When you seed it, you can download the card through which we were first introduced to the mirror universe: Transporter Mixup.  

I've always liked this card.  The idea of swapping the people you have in play for an all-new bunch is intriguing, and I have fun thinking through the possibilities of who you can get.  Admittedly, the set-up has a lot of requirements.  You need to be beaming up, which means from a planet to a ship or outpost.  (You probably won't be doing this with holograms.)  The starting people must be compatible with each other (they're one away team).  They need to be in their native quadrant, which means they are all Alpha Quadrant personnel if you're doing this in the Alpha Quadrant, and [MU] personnel if you're doing this in the Mirror Quadrant.  (With one small exception, you can't do this in the Gamma or Delta Quadrants, because you only get replacements from the "opposite" quadrant.)  Those people must be compatible with the ship, so that they could beam up to it (and note that it's always possible that your opponent will flip Computer Crash, and you'll have to complete the transport instead of getting to download replacements).  And the new personnel whom you download need to be compatible with each other, and the ship, afterwards.  (They don't need to be matching, even though most of my examples below will be.)

Transporter Mixup Any Alpha Quadrant affiliation can swap out several universal people from its early jumpstart (AMS and ASP, for instance) for MQ alternates. A Federation deck might turn Christopher Hobson and Mendon into the more highly skilled Ahanu and Sarah Shaw; Klingons might turn Torin and Kromm into Rukor and Korvek; and anyone can turn Narik and Dr. Farek into some [MU] [NA] people, perhaps Selot with his many skills or 0413-Theta who will boost all of the universals with his download of Lower Decks.

Mirror factions can plenty of ways to swap universals as well.  A [MU] [Car]-only deck might use DWE and ASP to get some of the four [MU] [Car] targets, then swap them for for more helpful AQ Cardies like Davin, Dakol, or Goran; a [TE] deck might swap McKay and Ensign Davis for Sam Lavelle and Lopez.  And there are always Non-Aligned options, including 5-skilled 2E people like Inad and Rabal, or ones with good downloads, like Yint and Orderly Mavek.  

Several Alpha Quadrant affiliations can swap several of their uniques for mirror versions.  The Bajorans might get Bareil, The Intendant, Overseer Odo, and Commander Leeta.  TOS Feds have the entire bridge crew (plus Kyle and Moreau), and DS9 Feds have Sisko, Bashir, Miles, and Dax (either Jadzia or Ezri).  The Ferengi can swap Quark, Rom, Nog, and Brunt for their more formally named counterparts.  Even the Klingons can get a 4-tuple, from Lursa, B'Etor, Worf Son of Mogh, and ... let's pull this one out of the binder ... Jodmos!  

For the KCA, which typically uses their Emblem or Treaty to make their affiliations compatible, swapping is a bit thorny.  Changing your MQ people for AQ people means losing the compatibility grease of the [KCA] icon.  You might like to do the Mixup with some of your KCA mains, like Overseer Odo, The Intendant, Ezri, and Mr. Brunt... but the resulting counterparts you would get are not compatible with each other, and so you can't actually complete that swap.  And even if you do come up with a group that will be compatible with each other -- let's say [Fed] Kira, [Fed] Agent Garak, [Fed] Nog, and [Fed] Worf -- remember that they also need to be compatible with the ship they're beaming up to.  That's not going to happen with Regency One or a [univ] Alliance Galor.  And even if you solve that problem with Mr. Sisko's Interceptor, or a Hidden Fighter for a Flaxian Scout Vessel, and complete the Mixup switch, the people you end up with are likely not compatible with the rest of your personnel and won't be able to interact with them.  I've run into this myself with universal swaps -- taking some cheaply obtained [Car] support personnel and swapping them for slightly higher-skilled alternatives like Ari, Dakol, and Goran -- I then need to keep them sequestered from my non-[Car] personnel, since they lack the icon and its compatibility.

Mr. Garak Odo (The Trouble with Tribbles) Quark (The Maquis) Worf (The Trouble with Tribbles)

Though it's obsolete now due to General Quarters (card and new OTF rule), some mention must be made of the Mr. Ferengi trick.  If you swap away all four of Mr. Quark, Mr. Rom, Mr. Nog, and Mr. Brunt, you not only get to download their four AQ counterparts, but due to the text on each of them, you would also get to download those original four again!  (General Quarters allows the TMU's download, since it's at one time even though it's up to four personnel.  But the downloads from the Ferengi's special skills are a reaction, and thus a separate action, and thus they are separate in timing.)

Get Back

Through the Looking Glass also gives us Get Back, which will reverse the process.  During that beam-up to your ship, if you have someone on the ship already that has Transporter Skill, then you can do any of these swaps in reverse.  Beam up your AQ personnel in the MQ, or your MQ personnel in the AQ, to get them back to where they belong and Get Back your universe's own personnel via download.  I won't talk about who you can get -- that's basically the same as what I just discussed -- but let's ask how you might get that first group of personnel in the wrong quadrant.  It might have been with Crossover (either flavor); it might have been with a Multidimensional Transport Device; it might even be from a separate copy of Transporter Mixup that you used earlier.  (There are plenty of other ways too, of course.)

Get Back doesn't only reverse the action of Transporter Mixup, it also rewards it!  Do the Get Back swap on 4 uniques, and not only do you have four new personnel, you also get 10 bonus points.  Another new card in the set, Supplant Opposite, also rewards Transporter Mixup, by granting a skill and a card draw when you use it to report certain personnel.   

Get Back is not seedable, and not downloadable with Taking Charge, so it might seem hard to rely on it getting into play.  Fortunately, two personnel in Through the Looking Glass download it -- one who, in the show, used its Transporter Mixup method of returning to the Alpha Quadrant, and one who used its second function (which also scores its points), of flying a non-[MQ] ship back to an AQ Nor.  



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