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The Worlds 2016 Schedule

by Nicholas Yankovec, Second Edition Brand Manager

24th February 2016

It is my real pleasure to present to you the schedule for this years Star Trek World Championships, including First Edition, Second Edition, and Tribbles.


10am to 6pm - First Edition Qualifiers
5 rounds, with Top 8 qualifying for the Finals

9.30am to 1pm - Second Edition Side Event
3 rounds, Traditional Tournament

Break for lunch around 1pm

2pm to 5.30pm - Second Edition Side Event
3 rounds, Standard Constructed

Dinner around 6.30pm, following the finish and results of the First Edition Qualifiers

8pm to 10pm - Tribbles World Championship


10am to 9pm - Second Edition Qualifiers
8 rounds, Top 16 qualify for the Finals

9.30am to 2pm - First Edition Side Event, Aberdeen Anarchy on Tour
3 rounds, Iron Man draft

Break for lunch around 2pm

3pm to 8.30pm - First Edition Side Event
3 rounds, OTF - Special rules to be confirmed

Late dinner, following Second Edition qualifiers. We will be booking a nearby restaurant for all players that wish to attend; I'm hoping for a nice large group, for friendly conversation and good food, the odd drink. I expect our Northern and Scottish contingent will be heading off to dodgy clubs after the dinner, feel free to join them..!


9am to 2.30pm First Edition Finals
3 rounds swiss and a final confrontation

9.30am to 2.30pm - First Edition Side Event
OTSD Sealed Event

10am to 2pm - Second Edition Side Event
3 rounds, Standard Constructed

Break for lunch before Second Edition Finals

3pm to 8pm - Second Edition Finals
4 rounds swiss

3.15pm to 7pm - First Edition Side Event
4 rounds Rainbow Warp Speed, featuring rare sealed product!

3.30pm to 7.30pm - Second Edition Side Event
3 rounds, Deck Lottery

Followed by prize giving

8.30 to 10pm - Tribbles Side Event
Finish off the weekend with a game of Trbbles

I think we've managed to get in a lot of events over the three days... what events are you looking forward to?

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