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A Puzzle, More or Less

by Ross Fertel, Unequaled Writer

15th March 2016

So the other week, I attended the thirty-first anniversary of my First Grade classroom. Yes, my elementary school has odd traditions, but nothing surprised me more than my teacher showing me a worksheet from class. All the items on it were directly from Through the Looking Glass! We were doing a lesson on greater and less than symbols, and she gave us all a sheet to work on for homework. All we had to do was put the appropriate sign in the blank. None of us had any clue what to do, so they pretty much just flipped coins, but I simply put one symbol down for all ten items. Lo and behold, I got it half right. Apparently, the law of averages does work out.

So, I will present it to the community. Herein you’ll find the ten items that I was given and half of them are greater while the other half are less. As more cards are revealed, the answers will become more apparent. See if you can solve it before the expansion itself is revealed.

Don’t bother trying to find the correct answer from me. All my teacher told me was that I was exactly half right; she didn’t tell me which were wrong. But see if you can do better than my six year old self.

Personnel with a Klingon/Cardassian Alliance Icon OR Personnel without such icons
Number of Bajoran personnel OR Number of Non-aligned personnel
Strength on Ferengi aligned personnel OR Number of dilemmas
Conversions OR Missions
OS personnel without a Mirror Universe reporting icon OR Dilemmas with colons 
Alpha Quadrant Mission OR Mirror Quadrant Missions.
Objective and Events OR Incidents and Interrupts
Personnel with the Deep Space Nine Logo OR Personnel with the Original Series Logo
Missions that allow your opponent to download a card OR Missions that specify a download during the seed phase  
Promotional cards OR Artifacts, Doorways, Facilities, Ships, Sites, Tactics, Tribbles and Troubles

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