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An Unexpected Article

by Ross Fertel, Surprising Writer

22nd March 2016

There have been Star Trek episodes that one will call… odd. It makes sense, after hundreds of episodes, that not all of them can be amazing. Sometimes it is those odder episodes that make for interesting cards. Take Mutation for example. That card came about because designer Evan Lorentz watched Voyager in its entirety and was dead set on making a card based on Threshold.

Flash forward some years, when Decipher makes Unexpected as a backwards compatible card, not having any desire to remake in a First Edition template. Flash forward to now, where that card is converted into something more interesting.


The card had more mommy issues than I do. Female medics are just not that common. Els Renora, Jabara, and Lupaza for the Bajorans; Belva, Makbar, and Mila for the Cardassians; Eris for the Dominion; Ril for the Kazons; Che’Regha for the Klingons, albeit Delta Quadrant; kHalest, M’Vil and Vekma otherwise; Jera for the Romulans; Denara Pel for the Vidiians; and Romara Cal and Lovera for the Alliance. The Federation is probably best off, specifically TNG with Ogawa and Crusher.  

If you go the Non-aligned route, you have Beverly and Will, Calandra, E‘Tysha, Kes, Madame Pulaski, Nimara, Rebecca Sullivan. Oh, and The Foragers. Along with Spot, this is not the best pool to draw from and probably not going to have lots present, although non-aligned opens up the door a bit. With the gender specific dilemmas available, you can very easily filter them out.

Unfortunately, Astrophysics and Exobiology are not that easy to filter out. They are more skills that you use to get past dilemmas than things you can filter out during a mission attempt.

At the end, you get better than a stop, but not just any better than a stop, a non-female-better-than stop. Knowing what the women bring to the table can help set up for the next dilemma, be it Matriarchal Society, Female’s Love Interest, Socializing with the Staff, or whatnot.

What is better than a stop? A return to the top of your deck. Yes, you will draw the card at the end of your turn, and they can be played next turn, but that will take a resource when they have effectively one less play next turn.

Getting a male character pregnant in the first five episodes to air was quite a feat that has as of yet been unduplicated in televised series, but it has presented an interesting dilemma, quite literally. With the right tools, you can have quite a bit of fun with this, much more so than the episode itself. Have fun playing around with the possibilities.

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