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Chat Transcription

by Ross Fertel, Trancribing Writer

24th March 2016

What’s going on?
Not much.  Just rolling the Chat Room trying to get spoilers out of Charlie.
Good luck with that.
So you’ve got some time on your hands?
Pretty much.  Not a whole lot to do this afternoon.
You want to write an article then?
I’ve been looking over this new middle set.  Lots of neat stuff.
Oh heck yeah.  Pushes the OS Mirrors so that they can stand on their own and does more beyond?  Really interested to see how this plays out.
Shame about the Conversions, though.
Well, that’s something that really can’t be avoided.  There just aren’t a whole lot of conversions that would work, especially nouns.  TOS doesn’t really work in the context of First Edition.
I imagine we’ll get all that and more come Sloane, but for right now, we’ve got to settle with these Dilemmas.
I did like how Crossover put a bit more beyond that, but some of these conversions are neat.
They did a great job with Crossover, kind of setting up some neat little tricks.
Nausicaans: Pirates
And this definitely follows up with that.  Look at Naussicaans: Pirates.
Great reworking of the title.
Absolutely, but I can’t see everyone rushing to put Zon in their deck because of it.
The effect is nice, too.
Double kill?  Dang!  That’s a lot better than the random kill most other cards offer.
Right.  It is still a random selection, but two kills are certainly better than one.
Probably why it discards rather than maybe sticking around.
Right, but with I’m Not Going to Fight You, you can also stop a Diplomacy ahead of time.
And that is a choice.
And right off the bat, you have an idea what to go for.
Well, you can tell right away if they have a cloak.
And high Cunning is hard enough without stopping someone first, let alone having a choice.
Not just that, but it can be really hard even on Hirogen going for the strength point of view.  Two Nav and triple Security and high strength?
Not insurmountable, but hard.  You can’t guarantee it will work, but those can be rough.
True that.  I don’t see a lot of Security and Nav on Dips, but the hit with strength…  Well, some to think of it, Diplomats aren’t too strong, but we’ve both been caught with 34 when we needed 35 to solve the mission, continue, etc.
So all in all, a very good use of the conversion.
Aw yeah.  Hey take a look at Caretakers Wave?
Caretaker's Wave Yeah, Caretaker’s Wave.
That’s another neat one.
With the flipping of damage cards going on.
 It works quite nicely with Disgraceful Assault
 And a bunch other cards.  That wave was brutal.
Well, Voyager was fresh off the docks and it got banged up.  .  The Equinox was barely able to limp afterwards and we saw that Cardassian ship that wasn’t in that great shape.  Be happy that Chakotay’s ship was in one piece afterwards
You mean the super ship with a whole lot of crew in yow?
Yeah.  It is a bit hard to hit since the triggers are a little.. Standard.
I was thinking that, too, with the skills that are hard to target.  Navigation?  Astrophysics?  Those are hard to filter out for the hit.
But there is a lot of Navigation necessary.  You only have to knock it down to two for that to wiff.
But Astrophysics and Stellar Cartography?
I was thinking that too, but remember that this card is made for the Battle Bridge Side Deck.  You can filter those out, if you hit it with Full Phaser Spread or Evasive Maneuvers.
Those target, what Science/Stellar Cartography and Astrophysics respectively?
Totally.  If you can get the hit while they are en route, you won’t do a whole lot of damage, but you will cherry pick who you don’t want, all while not facing a dilemma.
Kind of like getting some free kills in there so that you get more hits when it counts.
Exactly.  Pity that it’s the opponent’s choice though.
Yes, but remember that when your opponent faces it, you are the opponent.
Wait.. So that means I can choose the effect?
Exactly.  You can do the three flips, or the flip and relocate.
Sweet!  You can probably blow the ship up with those three alone.  On top of the other damage you’ve done, that’s not going to survive.
And if they do survive, it’s not likely to go too far too fast or be too powerful with three damage markers on it.
What do you think about the other effect.
Free trip to The Array?
That can be awkward, and that’s even if you have a way back.
Liberation itself isn’t that great a mission.  Not stealable in OTF and if there’s no way home, you are kind of stuck.
Not just stuck, but you can’t report the ship or crew again.  You might wish they are destroyed because this is right up there with capturing.  It might just be worth having a Liberation in your deck just for the sake of it.
If it hits.
Right, if it hits.
So a couple of really nice conversions.
The rest are pretty nice too.  Let’s face it, it’s not like TOS has a whole lot of wiggle room with conversions.
No they don’t.  I’ll be eager to see what design does with the Block-after-next since there isn’t a lot to draw form, conversion wise.
Kind of the same with the non-Starfleet part of the Starfleet block.  There’s only one Enterprise era Vulcan and no Klingons to speak of.  It will be interesting.
Yes, it will.
Hey J, we’ve been having some good conversation here.  Good discussions of the cards, what they do and how they can be used.  Mind if I copied and pasted this into an article?
You mean just take the chat log and publish that as an article?
Pretty much.
Isn’t that a little disingenuous?   It’s not like you’re writing the article; you’re just hanging out in that chat room and using that as the basis for the article.  I’m not sure that would work.
What if I take out the non-chat related parts.
You mean like the spoiler Charlie just let slip?
Yeah, it would probably not be a good thing to spoil the Vulcan affiliation two whole sets in advance.  And the [REDACTED]
That might work. I don’t know. Typing out a well researched article is different than just plagiarizing a chat.  I’m not sure how that would work out. Will readers get confused as to who is writing what?  Let me think about it for a few weeks.

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