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Anthropologist Wanted

by Ross Fertel, Needy Writer

19th March 2016

So… any anthropologists out there? Anyone? Hello?

I’m only asking because looking at Visit Parallel Universe, I’ve got half of the requirements myself. I am youthful and am not from the Mirror Universe. Everyone reading this is also not from the mirror universe, at least I hope so. I just need an anthropologist, and I’ve got twenty-five points.

Visit Parallel Universe

But in the grand scheme of things, twenty-five points isn’t all that much. Yeah, it’s a quarter of what you need, but consider that you still have some ways to go, solving at least two other missions anyway. Plus, it’s nice to have a buffer should you be in need of points down the line.  

The key to the whole thing is bonus points. There are two mission specialists with Anthropology in the alpha quadrant, one of them non-aligned. And while Yeoman Vaughn in this set will fix your youth needs, there are four Federation personnel all from Premiere, underplayed, universal, and Continuing Mission friendly; as is the non-aligned Dr. Farek, should greed be your game. Suddenly, you’re at 35 points which is nothing to sneeze at. It’s not a bad mission to put in your deck, especially if your opponent is unsuspecting. Does the powerful dilemma combo go at that mission they probably won’t solve or do I put it in a harder mission where the outpost will probably go?

But this will probably find a home in your cross quadrant decks. There are a lot of cards in Through the Looking Glass persuading you to quadrant hop, continuing a trend from Mirror, Mirror, and we have more of that here. The requirements prevent this from being splashable into a deck primarily based in either quadrant, but if you have a hand in both, this should be on your shortlist.

Don’t forget that design has included some tricks to make this easier to pull off. Not only can you feel free to use Crossover: An Invitation, but there are several personnel in this set that are simply better in the Mirror Quadrant. The best part is that they can coexist with their opposites, so the more the merrier. Need further reason to put Crossover: An Invitation somewhere in your deck? Worry not because you can simply download it when you seed Visit Parallel Universe in the first place. It doesn’t get much easier.  

So, go at it and have fun in both quadrants. Anthropology, greed, and youth are staples to have in your deck for just such an occasion. Visit Parallel Universe is a nice little further incentive to do so.

And if you are an anthropologist, hit me up.

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