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Mirror, Mirror - Commentary Track

by First Edition Staff

3rd May 2016

For the first time ever, the Continuing Committee is proud to release a commentary track for an episode of Star Trek. Specifically: The Original Series's Mirror, Mirror.

It's not a new concept, they have been around for years. Several other sites and production companies have put out commentary tracks for a TV series or even feature film. The idea is that the object itself is easily accessible, so you just have to synchronize them up and enjoy the experience.

Of course, this being from the Committee, we are talking about Star Trek cards. In this case, the Mirror Quadrant as part of the mirror block with the focus on Through the Looking Glass in particular.

Why now? The time seemed right. Let‘s face it, all Original Series era Mirror Quadrant cards have to come from this episode. It also has a good cross section of source material from both the Decipher and Continuing Committee eras and there is a nice selection of choices available.

Why not have the entire episode available and forget about synching in the first place? Well, that would run afoul of several copyright issues that we really don’t want to get involved with. So grab your Netflix account (or your buddy’s) or your library card (or your buddy’s) and enjoy!

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