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Port Stephens NSW Australia Regional Weekend

by Steve Hartmann, Australian OP Coordinator

19th March 2016

The first ever TrekCC Regional weekend celebrating all three game formats (2E, 1E and Tribbles) will be held at Port Stephens NSW Australia 22-24 April 2016. Port Stephens is a three hour drive from Sydney, just past Newcastle.


There are plenty of options for accomodation in the area. However, the event is running on the last weekend of the school holidays. So, ensure you book early to secure your room. Some options I found include:

Each of these are located close to the venue, beaches, cafes, and shops.


We aim to get out on Saturday or Sunday for some local tourism.


Once events are complete, we aim to play games and enjoy a few drinks until late on Friday and Saturday evenings.

If you are planning to attend, please pre-register or send me a PM. If we have more than anticipated attending, the venue will be moved to a local club.

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