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Do It!

by Niall Matthew, All Alone with Seven of Nine

16th March 2016

Through The Looking Glass, at first, seems to focus on the Terran Empire from the Original Series. But there is much more to this set than just karate chopping your opponent to oblivion with Captain Kirk. As well as sending the I.S.S. Enterprise to conquer the galaxy, there seems to be a couple of cards spoiled so far that enhance infiltration, and also the promise of some good spoonhead loving.

Full Complement of Shuttles

But to be honest, I'm not here to talk about them. I'm here to introduce you to something completely different. As you may recall, the Delta Quadrant affiliations were a deadly force years ago, until multiple erratas and bans neutered their power. These days in the Delta Quadrant, if you are not playing Kazon battle or a combination of Hirogen and Equinox, you might as well just give your opponent the full win. Full Compliment of Shuttles brings the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager to the forefront. And when I say crew, I mean the full crew.

It's time to blow the dust off the likes of Tuvok, Tom Paris, and Kathryn Janeway, because this new card is just for those 'Delta Feds'. So let's break this card down piece by piece...

First off, it seeds on table. Okay, it may seem a pain considering that in order to get a single free play aboard U.S.S. Voyager, you already have to use another three seed slots (don't worry, as you will see below, it pays off).

The next feature is something which can be used in any Federation deck. At the start of your turn, discard a non-personnel card from hand (sorry Nanoprobe Resuscitation, you don't get to shine) to download any Federation affiliation shuttlecraft to hand. There are currently five different ships that can be downloaded this way, most with different property logos. Can you name them all?

The next step is to get that shuttle into play. If you downloaded a Type 9 Shuttlecraft, you may use your card play to report it directly to U.S.S. Voyager with crew. The two crew members must be Delta Quadrant Federation, but that is certainly not a limitation considering that the Voyager crew are packed with an immense amount of skills. Now this card card combines perfectly with New Arrivals, as you will still have a free play to use from Home Away From Home, which also wields an additional card draw.

So now you have a way to get shuttlecraft and personnel onto the table. But how do you keep them from being blown up? Voyager tends to be a very easy target for the likes of Kazon or Vidiian. So, why not make their day a slight inconvenience by downloading Narrow Escape twice per game.

This final piece of text interests me the most. If your opponent is playing a non-Federation affiliation in the Delta Quadrant, then each of your Federation ships there are attributes + 3. Just to remind you, this would make the followings ships' attributes enhanced as so:

U.S.S. Voyager - 12-11-11
Type 9 Shuttle - 9-8-8
Delta Flyer - 11-10-10

With a fleet of unlimited shuttles, U.S.S. Voyager could possibly withstand an attack from the Kazon. The Mirror Universe are not the only ones that get all the fun in this latest expansion for First Edition. start dropping your knickers shuttles today!

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