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Errata and Ban Before Regionals

by Cristoffer Wiker, First Edition Errata Team Lead

31st March 2016

SupernovaErrata have been working on balancing the game but due to Regional season kicking in real soon, OP wanted us to push some errata early so that everyone can have the same playing field. That is why we will not be able to give you the card images on the site just yet. But rest assured, Art is doing their thing and they will look super as always, and we will have them up on the site in no-time. But until then, here are the cards and a short explanation as to why the Errata team has altered each card. And to go along with this, Tox Uthat will be added to the Ban list and at the same time, Supernova will come off the Ban list. All to make it possible for decks to include Bashir Founder as a deterrent to large concentrations of weapons again..


Kazon battle decks, lately, have been not only powerful (which itself does not warrant bans or errata), but also painful to play against. One of the problems we've identified is Outgunned ... but more on that later. The other is the ability of the Kazon Warship to carry the [Kaz] Voyager, which is powerful, seedable, and (unlike other [Kaz] ships) has transporters. The carrying lets a fleet travel as one, and so a combination of jump-start cards with the seeded Voyager could result in an early fleet anywhere in the galaxy. The Kazon Warship received errata before to rein in this strategy, restricting the carried ships to being [Kaz], so that the USS Voyager and USS Equinox couldn't be used ... but then Design accidentally got around this by producing the [Kaz] Voyager, and the problem reappeared. Now the Warship gets a second errata, further restricting the carried ships to being universal ... excluding Voyager once again for full effect.

[Kaz] [Univ] Kazon Warship
Enormous Kazon vessel used as a mobile base of operations. Dwarfs even D'deridex-class ships.

Restriction: Has no transporters.

[Univ] [Kaz] ships (except Warships) may be carried and launched aboard. Tractor Beam


Last year, we released errata for Launch Portal, and discovered that it still couldn't be used. It's no fault of the card itself, we still think it's now balanced ... but because of its previous power, it is automatically nullified by the readily available [Ref] card Strategema. Everyone uses that, and so no-one is able to use Launch Portal. Today Launch Portal comes off of Strategema ... and also Outgunned goes on. The wording is also clarified to better cover "McCoy" cases, where you attack a ship of one affiliation while another affiliation is aboard. We're planning some work for Outgunned itself, we just need to make it cover what we want, and also fit on the card.

[Incident] Strategema
Seeds or plays on table. Ooby Dooby, Revolving Door, and Rogue Borg Mercenaries are nullified. Q's Planet may not enter play. Your opponent may not initiate battle or play Outgunned at a homeworld against your force containing a card matching that homeworld's affiliation.


Kobayashi Maru Scenario is a powerful seed card that makes you lose a personnel every time you attempt the mission. With difficult dilemmas (and other dilemma-like cards), your forces will get smaller and smaller as you try repeatedly to pass. Some players have taken to seeding one at each of their opponents' missions, leaving those opponents with no alternative but to lose people (and thus bring requirement redundancy in their attempts). Today's errata reins that in, with no change other than making the card unique. You still may face the same effects as before ... but only in one place.

[Incident] Kobayashi Maru Scenario
Seeds or plays on a mission; adds Computer Skill to mission requirements. At the start of each mission attempt here, one attempting personnel (random selection) is placed beneath this incident ("in play" for uniqueness only). When a player solves this mission, all of their compatible personnel beneath this incident join the solving crew or Away Team (any other personnel are discarded). (Unique.)


There are the critical fixes that were needed, but rest assured that very soon more cards will come off the Ban list and into the great pool of available cards... some that have just recently been talked about. 

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