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April Errata

by Cristoffer Wiker, First Edition Errata team lead

7th April 2016

So after last week's early errata announcement, we are now ready to add 3 more cards to the list of cards that have received errata. More cards will come as well, we have not forgotten about the cards players keep asking for. Errata is currently working on War Council and we think it's in a good place now. But while you wait for them, have a look at what was done to these latest ones.

Colony was put on the original OTF ban list because it encourages a strategy that's against the core of the game. Your people are supposed to be out solving missions, not getting rewarded for sitting in one place. Still, the Errata Team usually likes to try to keep the original flavor of a card as much as possible ... otherwise, it's not so much an errata as a new card. After balancing and testing several ideas, we have arrived at this relatively small change: Colony gets reduced by a point. CIVILIANS score 1 instead of 2, and non-CIVILIANS score 0 instead of 1. And learning from the Launch Portal issue, we're also immediately removing Colony from the [Ref] card which curbed it, The Wake of the Borg. 

Cyrus Redblock was put on the original OTF ban list because some people believed that the additional kill he caused was too strong. This was especially painful on some dilemmas which were already rather strong, and never meant to have such an effect (e.g. Scientific Method). In addition, the set of dilemmas he boosted was rather haphazard and un-thematic (e.g. Dejaren), and hard to remember, especially for new or casual players. With a small change that the lore no longer counts, only the title, we have cut down the effect to only a few dilemmas (and none of them are walls, so no recurring kills). We've also added one new word that triggers the ability, "crime". He now affects three dilemmas: Framed for Murder, Murder Investigation, and Hate Crime.

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