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Fizzbin Receives Errata

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

6th April 2016

Fizzbin, a new power introduced in last year's Tribbles Royale expansion, was designed to promote decks that focused on "going out" instead of the decks that focused on scoring points during the round. The designers wanted to reward "going out" as a strategy, and felt that Fizzbin would do so. Testing was mostly positive, with some not liking the power, but it was felt it was worth releasing. Unfortunately, experience has shown that the card has damaged the play environment.

After discussing several variants for errata and testing the most preferred one, it was decided that even that solution was insufficient. The final decision on errata for this card is to limit the number of copies that can be kept in play piles between rounds.

Effective immediately, the text of Fizzbin is changed as follows:

This tribble can not leave your play pile unless you go out (limit 5).

The errata is to add a limit to how many copies of Fizzbin can be kept in a play pile between rounds, down to a maximum of 5. This errata allows Fizzbin to remain a reward for decks focused on "going out," without it allowing massive, late game point scoring. The designers believe this change returns this card to its original intention, and will stabilize the play environment. They also believe this change will provide more options for deck design since players will not feel compelled to play Fizzbin to "keep up" with others that use the card.

Once again, this errata is effective immediately. A request for updated art has been sent, and this article (as well as the database) will be updated when it is available.

I sincerely regret the mistake with the date in the April issue of the newsletter, which stated the errata would be released April 4th. It was the intention to announce the change in the newsletter, then release it later; however, I failed to update the content and it was published as written. I apologize for the confusion it has caused.

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