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The Creation of an Image: Ripple Effect

by Andrea Heywood-Lobban, Graphics Team Member

22nd April 2016

Every new set starts with an idea, an episode, a sceen, a picture. As a member of the art team it's our jobs to take a basic discription and find the image for that idea. It is also part of our mandate to try not to repeat images, and to find something new. Or in this case create something new. For A Time to Stand we received the following instruction for what turned into Ripple Effect:

'ENT S4 Storm Front Part II, Daniels and Archer in timestream'

This is a sceen that literally is sixteen screenshots from trekcore. So, the first thing I do is see what I have to work with. How many shots have 'good' shots of Daniels and/or Archer? I had one screenshot of profiles of the two of them talking and several different shots of them individually looking in different directions but not together. Have we used these images before? Where? We used this exact scene for Out of Time. So how could I make it different? I decided to have a little fun with this image. Since the 'timestream' itself was composed of iconic pictures of history, science, and Earth culture, I figured I could make my own split second slice of the timestream.

I started with Daniels and Archer. Finding two individual shots that would work together in a single image. From there, it was about finding images that spoke to 'earth culture'. There are so many small moments that turn into big ones in our culture over time. The impact for which is not realized 'til much later. I wanted images that could be recognized even on a tiny scale of 2.3"x1.9". So this is what I ended up working with:

Dragon V2:  An artist redition SpaceX released with the plan for the future of space flight. This is planned to be a colaboration of SpaceX and NASA technology and be a stepping stone of human space travel. Though the image is of the Dragon V2, it is worth mentioning that the first Dragon V1 launch carried the ashes of James Doohan (Montgomery "Scotty" Scott) to the International Space Sation on May 22, 2012.

The Beatles, Abby Road: An iconic image of a band who shaped generations, who's members have impacted generations of musicans and an image that has stood the test of time. In TNG: Redeption II, The USS Sutherland's Dedication plaque reads: "There will be an answer, let it be..."

Motto inspired by Beatles song Let It Be:
"And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree,
There will be an answer, let it be."

MLK: Martin Luther King Jr. He spoke for equality and for each of us to treat each other with the dignaty and the respect we all deserve. His words are echoed in the Star Trek universe and in the Federation Charter of Planets, "to affirm the civil rights and liberties of all sentient individuals living under Federation jurisdiction."

Albert Einstein: One of the most influential theoretical physicist in history, and one of two pillars of modern physics. Credited by the Star Trek universe as being the cornerstone scientist who made transporters and warp possible. He is directly mentioned by TOS, Wrath of Khan, TNG, and Voyager.

There are two images that were cut from the card image due to framing. Those are:

Nikola Tesla: An inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best know for his contributions to the design of the modern AC (alternating current) electricity supply system. His influence is felt throughout the scientific community, from Tesla Motors, The Nikola Telsa Award, the Tesla unit of measure, and the Tesla crater on the far side of the moon. In DS9: One Little Ship, Kira says to Seventh "Power up the magneto-impellers and advance the field coils. Call out every five teslas until I tell you to stop."

A Weeping Angel: Ok, so this was just really for fun. Because who doesn't love a weeping angel?! Doctor Who has many similar strains of story telling and exploration as Star Trek. It has been influential and impactful on SciFi culture for more than fifty years. Also Ripple Effect is all about being in the timestream and time travel. So the weeping angel's fit in the timestream for me!


As you can see, Star Trek does truly connect to so many impactful images throughout our history. What images would you have used? What threads of time and space would whip past you in the timestream?

Ripple Effect

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