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Emergency Errata: Organized Terrorist Activities

by Charlie Plaine, Acting 2E Brand Manager

25th April 2016

Though it is a rare occurrence, from time to time the Second Edition Errata Team identifies a problem or interaction that requires swift action. These "Emergency" errata are meant to address an issue that will significantly and negatively impact the ability for players to compete and have fun. Today, the Errata Team has issued an emergency erratum for Organized Terrorist Activities.

The Errata Team, acting on feedback from the community, has identified a loop that allows Organized Terrorist Activities to be recurred into a potential lockout situation, often in the very early parts of the game. For this reason, Organized Terrorist Activities has been changed to remove itself from the game:

0 Organized Terrorist Activities
To play this event, you must command three [Fed] [Maq] personnel. Lose 5 points to make an opponent place his or her hand on top of his or her deck. Then you may examine that deck and choose a non-ship card to remove from the game. He or she shuffles and replaces his or her deck. Destroy this event. Remove this event from the game.

This erratum is effectively immediately.

In addition, two other errata are effective on Friday, April 29th. Athos IV has been changed to remove the ability for [Fed] Treachery to report to the headquarters, and has had the timing changed on the download of For the Cause:

•Athos IV (Maquis Base)
[AQ] [--]
You may play [Maq] cards, [NA] cards, [Fed] Treachery personnel, and equipment at this mission.
Region: Badlands. Order - At the start of each of your turns, you may discard a card from hand to download For the Cause.
"A grim little fog-bound piece of rock in the middle of nowhere.
Maquis Headquarters
[SPAN 2]

The title of the mission Political Intrigue will be updated to Farius Prime in order to be consistent with the new persona of this mission, released in A Time to Stand.

The errata for Athos IV and Political Intrigue are effective Friday, April 29th.

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