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National Tournaments are Getting Prize Kits!

by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized Play

22nd May 2016

Greetings all,

The Organized Play team are excited to announce that CC endorsed prize kits will be added to National championship events. The first kits have already been rolled out with the First Edition German National Championships on 21st May. More will be available at the Second Edition German Championships on 19th June.

We have listened to concerns that Masters events had nice shiny foils and National events had nothing. We have discussed internally the changing landscape of our level three events and decided that a few changes would help enhance these events whilst still maintaining their individual nature.

What’s changing and what’s staying the same you ask? That's a good question …

The same:
-Masters kits will remain unchanged.
-Both events will continue to award ‘Masters Series Points’ at the same rate as before.
-While both event types are level three ‘Masters Series’ events, they will retain different naming structures i.e. Trek Masters (city) or Nationals (country). This ensures these events meet the needs of our diverse international community.

The changes:
-All level three events will award the same Masters Series tournament foils. From now on, Nationals and Masters will share the same foil.
-Previously Nationals awarded a bye to the top two players regardless of attendance. From now on, only the winner of each Nationals event will earn a Continentals bye. Additional byes can be earned through the use of Master Points.

What the Nationals Kits will look like:
Each National Kit will contain six (6) copies of the game's Masters Series foil and twelve (12) new Country specific buttons. Unlike Masters, where TD’s are directed to hand out the foils specifically to the top eight (8) players, Nationals kits come with no such specific instructions from OP, so each event organizer can chose what is best suited to their event.

You may have noted above that I talked about some new buttons. These will be a valuable addition to the Continuing Committee's Collectable Buttons. However, for their success it is necessary that TD’s and event organisers around the world that plan to run a National level event contact their respective Continental OP coordinators as early as possible. This will ensure the availability of these buttons as time is necessary for their production.

This article will stand as notice of these changes until the OPG is officially updated. Expect more news on this soon.

If you have any questions about the above changes please feel free to post them in the article thread and I will do my best to answer all of them.


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