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Request for Comments: Maggie Geppert as Vice Chairman

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

21st May 2016

Several months ago, The Continuing Committee began a search to find a new Vice Chair who would help lead this organization to reach new heights. After interviewing each candidate, the search committee suggested Maggie Geppert as the candidate. I conducted a brief interview with her and believe she is the correct choice as well. We now invite all of you to offer comments on the process, the appointment and to question Maggie about her vision for the role.

Maggie took some time to write some comments to introduce herself and share her thoughts on the position with you:

"I'd like to start out by thanking the search committee for serving. I've been on search committees in the past and know how much hard work goes into selecting a candidate. I hope that their confidence in me will be matched by the community at large. In that spirit, I'd like to take a little time to introduce myself to those in the STCCG community who may not know me.

Star Trek CCG Background

I began playing Trek in the spring of 1999. I was a freshman in college at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and was hanging out a lot with my friend Denise, who I met in chemistry class. I asked her if she wanted to room with me the next year and she accepted. She told me that I would need to meet her current roommate since they were best friends, and we'd be spending a lot of time together. Denise, Cheryl and I went out for dinner at the specialty BBQ restaurant in the dorms, and soon found out that we all got along like peas and carrots. I was impressed they had read Anne McCaffrey and they learned I loved Star Trek. They introduced me to Star Trek CCG and I was hooked. We decided to get a triple room for the next year. We called ourselves the Triple Treaty, since I played Fed, Cheryl played Romulan and Denise played Klingon. Over the years, Denise and Cheryl dropped out of playing, but I have carried on. After graduation from UIUC, I went to Boston University for graduate school. I became an ambassador, and along with Chris O'Connell (Brak_) gathered a good group of players from around the MA area to play regularly. After two years, I finished grad school, moved to Chicago, and became a regular here. I've played all three games, but concentrate on 2E and Tribbles these days, but 1E people fear not. I may not be able to pick up 1E regularly, but I will work very hard to keep up-to-date on your issues so I can address them when you come to me with a concern.

Skill Set

So, what skills do I bring as a member of the CC? Well, first off, I am a physicist, which means I am comfortable doing all sorts of data analysis. I used a bit of that skill last year during the Period of Review (sorry Allen; you're not off the hook! Bwahahaha!) We have a number of folks around here who are good at that sort of thing, so I feel I can simply add to their contributions in that area. I am also a teacher, so I feel I can be a real asset to figuring out ways to introduce and teach this game to new folks. As an academic, I am also well-versed in working in a bureaucracy. One skill I have acquired over the years is knowing who to go to in my school when I need to get something done. (And I do get things done at my school - ask me some time about when I got $40,000 for my students to build a rocket.) I think this will translate well in the Vice Chair post, where I will work as the liaison between the players and the CC. I have also developed a reputation for being good at telling uncomfortable truths to the Administration at my school, and have somehow miraculously escaped unscathed. Jon alluded to that skill in his article, when he said I'd tell them all when they're being dumb. Finally, I am a very even-handed person. I like to try to see both arguments and try to work towards a compromise whenever there is a dispute.

So, please let me know if this clarifies some things about me and my thoughts on the Vice Chair position." - Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8)

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