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Second Edition Public Playtest

by Charlie Plaine, Acting 2E Brand Manager

26th May 2016

One of the most common requests from players has been for a public play testing opportunity. While this has often been discussed, it had never been tried for fears that the work involved would exceed the value of the data obtained. But really, that cost/benefit analysis was just a theory, and we now believe we shouldn't act on theories alone. With that said, I'm happy to announce we'll be conducting our first public playtest, on an upcoming Second Edition expansion

As this is entirely uncharted territory, it will be a learning experience for all of the participants. However, we want you to volunteer for this process with all of the facts. First of all, the public play test will be in a closed, private area of the site. This is to ensure that people that do not want to know what's coming, or those that don't care about this process will not be exposed to it. For these reasons, all volunteers must agree to keep all information about testing to themselves, including discussions and the cards themselves.

You can play test either physically with other players, assuming that those players have also volunteered for this process, or online with Lackey. You are expected to submit at least one report during the testing period, but encouraged to submit additional reports if time permits. While you will have an opportunity to submit first impressions, all subsequent reports must be based on game situations that have been played out. You are not expected to play full games; simply recreating game situations (mission attempts, combats, etc.) is sufficient data.

The play test process will last a short time, at least one week, and likely ending after two weeks, though the designers reserve the right to extend the testing period. Likewise, the design team may update the cards during the testing period. Participants are expected to use the latest version of the cards.

How do I volunteer to participate?
It's simple! You volunteer for this by sending a private message (PM) to MidnightLich. You must be able to play Second Edition at a basic level and be familiar with the structure and procedures of the game. Applicants will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. We have no intention of capping participation, but reserve the right to do so if needed. Participation is open to any member of the community that is not an existing Second Edition play tester, nor a member of the Second Edition design team.

We are eager to see how this process plays out, and hopefully the data obtained will be of a high quality and high consistency. We will report on the results of this test, including data about participation and the nature of the feedback, after it has concluded. These results will determine if we repeat this process in the future.

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