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Brexit: What Does It Mean for the Continuing Committee?

by Paddy Tye, Warden of the North and Rogue Time Lord

28th June 2016

As you may be aware, the United Kingdom held an "In / Out Referendum" on membership of the European Union last Thurdsay (23rd June). The consequences of this decision to leave the EU will be far reaching politically, and there are also knock-on impacts throughout the sporting world. 

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will no longer be allowed to play in the European Football Championships (that's soccer for you Americans). Instead, these four nations will compete in a round robin competition for the UK Cup. A further referendum will be needed to determine if Cumulative Victory Points or Goal Difference will be used to settle ties. 

The Ryder Cup will now be a triple threat tournament between the US, UK and what remains of Europe. It will be rotated between the 3 locations, however we do expect some complaints that the former teams won't get to host this prestigious event as often as they used to!

The Rugby 6 Nations will become the 2x3 Nations, with winners being determined from subsets of England, Scotland and Wales, and Ireland, France and Italy in two separate leagues. The two respective champions will then battle it out on a floating rugby pitch in the English Channel. 

Snooker and cricket are expected to be unaffected on a global scale, but with expected funding cuts in UK sports budgets, and the need to support UK industries, cricket and snooker balls are expected to be made using Sheffield Steel going forward. 

But what does all this mean for the Star Trek CCG playing community?

Tensions had been rising in the UK STCCG playing community, with many UK titles captured by certain European invaders. As such, there will now be a stringent application process for European players wanting to enter UK events. Should they successfully complete the application process, they will only be allowed to play with their left hand, decks must be played face up, and may only drink Earl Grey tea (hot) during said events.

Niall Matthew will be appointed the UK dis-organised play coordinator and a UK Continental will be held each summer. UK Nationals will be split into English, Scottish and Welsh Nationals. Welsh Nationals will be held on an annual STCCG camping holiday to be organised by Nick Yankovec.

But what about Worlds 2016 in London? Well thankfully former Prime Minister David Cameron (in his final act before resigning) has granted special dispensation for any Trek players wishing to visit London. Just place any CC-era prize foil inside your passport to bribe border control and you'll be let straight through, no questions asked.

Note: Please be aware this article is largely fictitious, even if the events in the UK referendum are unfortunately not. The STCCG community has always (and will always) operate beyond petty national borders and in the spirit of Star Trek we rise above the short-sighted xenophobia which has resulted in the ridiculous state of affairs the UK now finds itself. We want to reaffirm that the UK STCCG community has much love for our fellow European and Global players and neighbours, and emphasise that EVERYONE is welcome at Worlds 2016 in London. We look forward to seeing you ALL there!

In fact, the fall in UK currency should mean that prices are low right now, so (to quote Romulan Ambassador Nanclus) "there will never be a better time" for our overseas neighbours to book a trip over to visit the UK. 

If you have any "Brexit" related questions, please let us know, and we'll be happy to make everything as crystal clear as we possibly can... bearing in mind that nobody actually knows what on Earth is going on!

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