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Announcement and Details for U.S. Nationals 2016

by Derrick Marsh, Experienced Host

30th June 2016


Lexington, Kentucky is proud to announce that they will be holding this year’s U.S. Nationals. The great state of Kentucky, which is also known as the “Bluegrass State”, is excited that one of it’s largest cities, Lexington, is going to play host to such great events lined up this year. The weekend event is going to host all sorts of Star Trek CCG events for fans of all three games, as well as having extra events accessible to players, fans, and families that will be traveling through for the weekend. So let’s get started on what you can expect to see at this year’s U.S. Nationals!


The main three events circling the U.S. Nationals are going to be the main events that will see players from all over the United States, as well as possible other regions, to come and battle it out for the title of U.S. Nationals 2016 Champion. All three games will be represented during the weekend in main events, as well as side events that will be running all weekend long. One of the exciting side events to be running will be the Sealed Events on Friday that will actually be granting full fledge byes to the winner(s) for the next day main events on Saturday (4VP 100 PTs). So coming in and playing on Friday, will not only grant you points in the Tournament Rating System and some cool prizes, but the chance at earning a bye for the first round of the next day. First Edition and Second Edition will both have these Sealed Events.


We are pleased to say that the event will be hosted by Derrick Marsh and will be held at the Hilton Lexington Suites. The Hilton Suites is located on the south side of Lexington’s popular shopping and business district. It is less than 5 miles from downtown Lexington and has a complimentary shuttle to and from the Lexington Blue Grass Airport (and to the Fayette Mall). There will be a business room dedicated just for our events, which is located inside the Hilton. There is a Reserved 10 Room Block dedicated for our event, at a great rate of $159/night (right now going for $269/night) which is extremely cheap for this time of the year during Keeneland weekends. Please use “Marsh Card Party” to receive the discount as part of the room block and call to schedule now, as once the rooms are gone, there is no guarantee on getting a room at the Hilton and at the discounted price. There are also two restaurants with lounge bars inside, as well as plenty of Kentucky hospitality that you will find just outside the hotel. As stated, it is next to the Lexington Greene shopping Plaza; two blocks from the Fayette Mall (with cinemas); and plenty of fast-food, delivery, and dine-in eateries where you can visit your favorite chains as well as local places to try out. We will have multiple delivery food options during the events to keep plenty of players full of energy and substance while we play.


Besides eating, there will be plenty of opportunity to visit Lexington during your stay, if you so choose to leave the hotel and venture out. Some of the things best known in Kentucky are its Horse Racing, which will be going on all during the month of October. So, you will be able to visit Keeneland during its exciting horse races all month long. One of the other exciting things Kentucky is known for is its Bourbon. Kentucky produces 95% of the world’s consumption in bourbon and you can go on what is known as the Kentucky Bourbon Trail that will take you just outside of Lexington’s domain, all the way to Louisville if necessary to visit some of the most popular distilleries such as Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, and Evan Williams, just to name a few. This will also be during the season of Fall and Halloween. So, there are plenty of pumpkin and apple farms to visit and lots of Halloween Haunted mansions and cornfields to entertain yourself while here. This is just a few things that you can see and visit while down here during your trip to Lexington. But make sure you leave plenty of time for Star Trek. So we hope that you are excited as we are, for the upcoming months leading to U.S. Nationals and hope that you will make the trip, whether by car, plane, or horse to come play Star Trek CCG!


October 21st – October 23rd 2016

Hotel/Event Hall:
HILTON LEXINGTON SUITES         (“Marsh Card Party”)
TEL: (859) 271-4000                          www3.hilton.com

TEL: (859) 425-3100

Derrick Marsh (HoodieDM)
TEL: (330) 391-0767                          www.trekcc.org

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