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Will Your Fortunes Favor the Bold?

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

11th July 2008

"There's an old saying: Fortune favors the bold. Well, I guess we're about to find out."

Expect the unexpected with Favor the Bold, the second 45-card virtual expansion from The Continuing Committee. New versions of old favorites join newcomers to Second Edition with a single purpose - to shake up the game forever. With twenty new dilemmas and nearly every other card dedicated to affecting dilemmas - not to mention, the first card ever designed by the community - today's game will never be the same.

Favor the Bold will bring big changes to decks and dilemma piles across the globe when it releases on Friday, August 15th. Forty-one of the forty-five cards have the word "dilemma" on them, and all of them work to alter the popular dilemma strategies. Now the Ferengi have their very own way to "Kirk" past a dilemma; meanwhile, a pair of Temporal Thieves makes sure you always have a Tragic Turn on top of your dilemma pile.

New interrupts, new missions and even a new ship offer their own twists on dilemma manipulation. The new events entice you to look back at older events, while some of the new personnel will punish you for using the wrong kinds of dilemmas. All in all, Favor the Bold is all about dilemma piles - and shaking them up forever.

Favor the Bold will be available for download on Friday, August 15th, 2008. A pre-release event will be held at GenCon on Thursday, August 14th - participants will each be given a complete set of Favor the Bold to integrate into their decks. Favor the Bold will be tournament legal world-wide on Friday, August 22nd, 2008.

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