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August Errata

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

8th August 2016

The Second Edition Errata Team has issued errata for six (6) new cards. In addition, we have added the errata to Robin Lefler to the official errata file. The Second Edition Errata Team is responsible for monitoring the state of the game, and taking action if deemed necessary to ensure a healthy play environment.

The following cards have received errata:

Accumulated Knowledge
This event has been changed to be unique.

Three of Nine (Tactician Drone)
This personnel's order has been reworded to add the discarding of cards from the top of the deck to the cost of the ability. Players must have four cards in their deck to execute the order.

William Telfer (Misguided Hypochondriac)
This personnel now has a cost of losing 5 points to use his ability, instead of the cost of discarding a [Voy] card.

Knowledge and Experience
This interrupt now removes itself from the game after it is played.

Homeward Bound
This interrupt has had two changes. First, the additional requirement of commanding three [Voy] personnel has been added to the cost. Secondly, the interrupt is now limited to being played once each turn.

Transport Crash Survivors
Both printings of this mission has been updated to use the new naming scheme. Additionally, the mission has received errata to remove the point restruction. This mission's text will trigger at any mission.

Any comments or concerns can be posted in this article's discussion thread. Specific concerns that you wish to bring up to the Errata Team can be posted in the Watch List discussion thread, or sent directly to Errata Team Lead Josh Sheets [prylardurden].

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