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Project Chandelier – Pre-release Tournament at Worlds in London

by Paddy Tye, Secret Squirrel and Keeper of “special things”

9th August 2016

As you may have spotted in the August newsletter, the next set to be released will be Project Chandelier. Not only is this a special set of First Edition cards, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, but it will also be previewed in a special pre-release tournament at Worlds 2016 in London! With the date of the 50th anniversary falling so close to Worlds in September, the timing seemed perfect to make this a special celebration of the beloved TV shows and films upon which we’ve based this card game.

So what does this pre-release involve? Well, this set doesn’t focus on any one specific affiliation or faction, so we wouldn’t be able to tell people to bring a particular deck to make use of the new cards. Previous pre-release events had included starter deck testing for new block sets – but (again) we didn’t have that option here, as this set isn’t part of the block release schedule.

Instead, we’ve opted to make our players Dig for Gold to win cards from the new set! This will be a normal constructed tournament (OTF Rules) with a special focus on mission solving - the Tournament Director will seed extra cards underneath randomly selected missions for both players in every game. Don’t worry - these don’t count towards your seed deck! Players can then earn those cards (much like an Artifact) by solving the appropriate mission. They won’t be legal for use in this tournament (or any other tournament until the set has been released and made legal), but it will allow players an exclusive preview of cards in the new set!

The event will be on Saturday 3rd September from 3pm, and you can sign up HERE. All you need to bring is an OTF legal constructed deck - just like a normal tournament. I will be acting as Tournament Director for this Worlds Side Event and (Wifi permitting) will try to post updates for those not lucky enough to be able to attend.

Hope to see you all in London!

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