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Worlds 2016

by Nicholas Yankovec, Worlds Organiser

22nd August 2016

Hi everyone!

Worlds is just two weeks away now, London is primed and ready for the influx of visitors from countries all over. 

I know people are interested in costs for the weekend, and based on pre-registration numbers and the costs of the weekend, I have finally settled on entrance fees. The prices are perhaps a little steeper than it might be elsewhere, but to offset those costs to foreign visitors, the UK kindly devalued the pound, so it's cheaper than it would be normally. Maybe not so much for the British attendees, but then they don't have major travelling costs!

We will be selling event passes for each day rather than individual tournaments - with one exception, we'll come to that. The passes will be one, two, and three day passes, and these costs will be:

Three Day Pass: £45.00

Two Day Pass: £35.00

One Day Pass: £20.00

These passes will admit you to ALL tournaments on the day. The one day pass can be used Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; the two day pass can be used on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (I expect a few Brits will use it Saturday and Sunday). The three day passes will, obviously, allow you to play all games on all three days.

The exception:

There is a 1E OTSD Sunday morning; the cost of the boxes needs to be covered, so in addition to the above there will be a £10 charge for the product. However, if you are only planning on attending this one event (as I know several of the old school London players will be) the cost will be £15 if you have not bought a day pass.

Tournament Directors:

I have a team of TDs for the weekend, and here is a list of who is doing what. Note that TDs for non-high level events or tertiary TDs are allowed to participate.

9.30am 2E Academy - Nick Yankovec, primary, Will Hoskin, secondary
10.00am 1E DAY ONE - Ken Tufts, primary, Nick Yankovec, secondary
2.00pm 2E Constructed - Nick Yankovec, primary, Will Hoskin, secondary
8.00pm Tribbles WORLDS - Nick Yankovec (no secondary, it's Tribbles...)

9.30am 1E Draft - Niall Matthew, primary, Paddy Tye, secondary
10.00am 2E DAY ONE - Nick Yankovec, primary, Ken Tufts, secondary
3.00pm 1E Constructed - Paddy Tye, primary, Niall Matthew, secondary

9.30am OTSD - Matt Slade, primary, Ken Tufts, secondary
10.00am 1E DAY TWO - Nick Yankovec, primary. Secondary to be announced
10.00am 2E Constructed - Will Hoskin, primary, Nick Yankovec, secondary
3.00pm 2E DAY TWO - Nick Yankovec, primary. Secondary to be announced
3.15pm 1E Rainbow Sealed - Paddy Tye, primary, Niall Matthew, secondary 
3.30pm 2E Deck Lottery - TDs to be announced
8.15pm Tribbles - Nick Yankovec (no secondary, it's still Tribbles...)

High Level Event etiquette:

If you have a question during a high level event, please be careful not to be disruptive to other players. Calling out "TD" and a raised hand is recommended.

Once a game is complete, sort and shuffle your decks, then both players are to bring the scorecards to myself, then retire to the foyer. No watching other games in progress, that is considered scouting. Do not discuss opponent's decks with other players. 

Although the TDs technically shouldn't interfere with games in progress, I will be asking TDs to monitor for slow play, and if observed may suggest that the player picks up their pace.

It wouldn't be Worlds without some contraversy. Remember the TD has final say, so please respect their decision.

Anyone playing Khan in Day 1 or Day 2 of 2E Worlds will receive a special prize... anyone playing with a copy of Brian Evethers will receive a special prize as well as verbal humiliation.

If you have a legitimate issue with your opponent, then please, please, do not be afraid to call the TD over. And if your opponent does this, please do not get upset. It's a high level event, I want everyone to feel they have had a fair tournament.

Bring decklists for 1E and 2E Day One and Day Two games! I will accept links to your decklists within the CC deckbuilder, but I will be checking them to ensure they work before the tournament. Without a decklist, you will not be eligible to play, simple as that. Deck list forms will be available on the day from me. I may or may not be performing deck checks during the day, but keep in mind that I might.

Other things to consider:

I won't be asking for deck lists for side events.

Be respectful to the staff and other patrons at the hotel. 

Keep the place clean and tidy! There will be bins at the venue, but I will also be bringing some bin bags, so please use them.

If you bring your own food, then kindly clean up any mess, and try and keep it simple. If you bring your own cheese toasty maker to the venue, I'm not sure the staff will be overly happy!

Alcohol should be purchased on the premises. If you really need to bring your own, it's London, go drink it on the street like everyone else..!

I'm unsure of the security at the venue, so please bear that in mind if you leave any valuables lying around when you go off to lunch or leave things there overnight.

I'll probably have to give a little talk at the beginning of every day explaining emergency procedure in the event of a fire (or 5 Space Voyager winning 2E Worlds)

And finally... everything I've raised above is not to impede anyone's enjoyment, in fact, I want everyone to be aware of the rules and procedures ahead of time to make sure everyone has a great time!


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